Thursday, May 8, 2008

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May 8, 2008
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From the picture below I bet you can't tell where we have been! In case you can't...we jaunted down to Disneyland for the Day on was a whirl wind trip and extremely fun! I love was PeePs' first trip there! I have to tell you about the whole adventure and include the fun pics later today after I get off work. Right now I just wanted to let you know that I HAVEN'T been terminally ill, which would usually be the ONLY reason I wouldn't BLOG for 1 whole day...but I feel like a part of me is missing! lol! Anyhow...I am still obsessed dedicated to my blog and will post a WHOLE BIG post about the marathon event (Disneyland) later...but for now I leave you with the following RUGRAT Story aka funny things kids say or do!...


Remember Z-DOG my nephew? I related the story of him saying the Pledge of Allegiance while baring his testimony? Well this next story involves him. It has to do with Disneyland two years ago when we took him with us for DCar's 4th Birthday. With each paying adult we got a kid in free...why not bring his rugrat cousin along for the ride...hey... we didn't have to pay for him, yea...we are cheap like that!

All day long we waited in lines, (we decided to go during Spring Break...ummm...BAD...choice, but we survived) MountainSport Man was teasing the boys saying things like, "This ride is going to scare you SO bad you are going to pee your pants!"

The boys would then answer, "Yeah will POO your pants!"

Well Space Mountain was our very last BIG AND FAST ride before we were going to call it quits and get a position for the PARADE! We were waiting there in line and of course the back and forth banter was going on for the whole 30 minutes in line. Laughing back and forth on who would be the most scared. About 1/2 way through the line Z-Dog decides he has to go to the bathroom. MSM being the responsible adult and me being just too plain lazy, decided to rush Z-Dog to the bathroom (he was 6 at the time). About 5 minutes later they are back in line...I was surprised they were so quick, so I said to MSM, "Wow! That was fast!" ...of course, stating the obvious, as I'm want to do...

MSM replied, "I know...Z-Dog didn't even go...he was standing there looking over his shoulder at me."

Me: "You went in the stall with him?"

MSM: "I do that with YES, I did...but then I realized that he was uncomfortable with me in there with him, so I asked him if he wanted me to go outside the stall...he told me that he did, but I told him he had to hurry or we would miss the I went outside the stall, but then right after that he told me he didn't have to go anymore!"

Me: "All Right..." Who was I to argue...Space Mountain is my favorite ride...I didn't have time to wonder why a 6 year old who was dying to go to the bathroom just minutes before decided he didn't need to go anymore!

So we got on the ride. The wind in my air, my smile fastened to my face, and my hands firmly on the handle bar in front of me to counteract the jerkiness of the ride...I slipped into child mode and let the exhilaration take a hold of me...(I was sitting next to Z-DOG, who assured me that he wasn't scared because he had been on the ride 6 months earlier with his family at Christmas time).

We get off the ride and Z-Dog seems unusually me being me, decide to drive the excitement of the exciting ride out of holding back ya know...cause I'm like the coolest Aunt out there for taking him to the coveted world of DISNEY! So I shout with exuberance, "Z...was that scary...or just the BEST ride of the whole park!!!"

Z-Dog: Nothing just looking ahead like in a trance as we exit the Space Mountain ride!

I just shrug...oh well, not everyone HAS to feel my love for the rollercoaster...I can bask in the fun myself!

All of a sudden I get a tug on my shirt...I look down, and Z-Dog with his BIG HAZEL eyes says, "
Hey Aunt Shelle, that was fun and scary!"

Me: "Scary? are brave!"

Z-Dog: "No, UNCLE MSM was right, I was so scared I pooed my pants!!!" he says this with a big grin on his face!

ME: Laugh out right! "
Oh really! Yea too!"

Z-Dog: "No really Aunt Shelle...I pooed my pants!"

Oh crap! Literally the kid pooed his pants! As we get to the pictures at the end of the exit where you see yourself in all your screaming "whoo hooing" glory, this is what I saw...I laughed SO hard I ALMOST peed my pants...but I didn't want to add to the mess...but seriously look at the photo and look at Z-Dog...I think they shot the picture right when he was in the release of his poo!

Z-Dog is saying, uh...oh I think I just pooed my pants.

DCar in the front car next to MSM is saying: "Oh crap...Z-Dog just pooed his pants"

and Me, well I am in my own little world...taking myself back to being a kid all adults should when they go to Disneyland!

I'll post more later! Hope you had a good laugh! Do you have any funny stories from Disneyland???
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