Thursday, May 29, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Week 2

After reading the new book by Stephenie Meyers called, "The Host", and putting a load of laundry in...I decided to be active and take my kids to the city pool. I squeezed into my new Hapari swimming suit, which I love, I wished it had a better body to adorn, but I love it nonetheless...It does make me feel like the shiz when I wear it!

Anyhow, I rushed home to get dinner ready so that it would be done before my husband and I went out on the town to scope out good photography spots! You thought I was going to say that I wanted to have dinner done before So You Think You Can Dance came on...silly people...That is why I have DVR!

Driving around was fun and the scenery is just beautiful where I live...I scoped out some fun places to take pictures and we lost our light so we headed home. I was like a little girl waiting to eat her first piece of chocolate cake anticipating tonights second night of SYTYCD.

So you will understand my going postal on my TV when I find out that our Dish Network was "experiencing technical difficulties" one hour of the 2 hour recorded show! That's right...I missed the first city tonight! I was SOOOOO my mind I was jumping up and down screaming and stomping like a teenager because I missed even a second of my favorite reality TV obsession!

The lady with the gray pants and the black shirt from SLC, UT should stick to her acting career or financial consulting...the mom with her four kids, I applaud your bravery, but you need to take a break from the kiddo's when you try out on National Television...just putting it out there! I know people don't agree with me or think I am very rude, but if you actually watch the would know how good you need to be--yes, yes, I know they put some of the people on there for the "Television" aspect of I'll shut up! I actually thought the guy that graduated from Juilliard in 3 years was amazing...yea he dances like a girl, but he is incredible! I understand why they didn't take him, his personality, but he IS an amazing dancer...just calling it like I see it, his dancing flowed so well into his acro-gymnastics! There is SO much more I could say, but I'll save it!

But here are my absolute favorites from the two days!

I loved this girl...I felt the same way with my older sister that this girl felt about her do put a lot of pressure on yourself...hers is by far on a grander scale, but DANG my sister is amazing and is recognized a lot for it!

She was so great! I also related to her, except I never did ballroom, which I totally regret now!

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