Thursday, May 15, 2008

American Idol...Dancing with the Stars...YES!

Awesome fun for Reality TV this week...

The TWO Davids made it into the Finale...yes! I liked those two from the tip top very beginning...I should be the Paula, but more the girl version of Simon...cause I usually fast forward Paula's comments because...I don't want to hear about how GOOD they look Paula...I want your HONEST opinion on their singing...ANd it would be nice to, for once, let out my real know, the one I keep locked up inside my brain because it is too HONEST and probably, most likely, rude...

I thought Paula looked decent on Tuesday night...until she stood up and I saw that she was wearing a leather just never seems to be exactly RIGHT on with her wardrobe. I do appreciate that Paula is sometimes the contestants saving grace from crying like a baby with a diaper rash...and I give props to her for that...but I can never take her opinion seriously, okay I can't say NEVER, but just a lot of the time!!!

Anyhow...didn't care for ANY of the songs they sang Tuesday Night...and I pretty much knew that Syesha was now it doesn't matter to me who wins...I like them BOTH! Yea for David!!!

"Dancing with the Stars" Results show was freakin' sweet!!! Yea, I said it, freakin', love that word...anyhow, check out this Production by Omarion--It will knock your socks favorite is when all the guys are dancing with Omarion and they do a slide move with one knee bent and one knee straight and they slide's trippy and I want to know how to do it...or at least teach it, so that I can see it more often...loved it!

Let me just shout to whomever cares that Utah is dominating the Reality TV talent spiffs right now...David Archuletta from good ol' Murray Utah...and Brandon and Brittany from Orem, UT...Okay they are not REALLY dominating, but pretty sweet...and from "So You Think You Can Dance"...two of the three winners were from Utah! Holla! Just feelin' the pride folks...

Anyway, this cute kid couple that was on "Dancing with the Stars" in the Kid talent competition, I actually saw the boy a couple of times at other dance competitions when I was up watching my niece Dance...Brandon actually danced in my niece's concert, in one of the ballroom numbers, and I leaned over to my Mom and was like, "Okay PeePs is totally doing Ballroom, and that kid is seriously REALLY good"!!! THen you can imagine my surprise when I see his face on TV!

Anyway...this piece they did is incredible...lots of props to Utah Ballroom Dance Trainers at Center Stage and the break off studio (sorry don't know the name)-you guys are incredible teachers to produce such great Ballroom Dancers--These kids are the next professionals! ENJOY!

So who do you want to win American Idol? Didn't you just love that piece with those kids? All right opinion it up...but if you leave a comment saying I waste too much time watching Reality TV shows...don't waste your energy...just type one word...REALITVWASTE--another UNWORD I'm working on...anybody want to give it a funny definition?

Love Shelle

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