Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Thursday... you in?

People usually do this Random Tuesday thing a ma jig.

And I've never participated. Because who has any random ideas left when you twitter?

Not me I say!

Well... I've decided to make my OWN way and do a Random Thursday post, just because.

*** I think next time when I plan for my kids to be gone for the week, that I plan for my husband to be gone also... that way I can veg and read to my OWN lazy hearts content.

*** On the Flip Side. I have one Organized closet that I will try to keep! Yea for hard working, organizing, hot husbands!

*** I've decided I'm going to tell myself I hate bread. It is to blame for all the extra pounds that surround my perfectly sculpted body. Bread is of the devil, and I mean ANYTHING that remotely involves bread.

*** On the Flip Side. Apples and Grapes are my two favorite main courses. I honestly eat at least 12 apples a week and who KNOWS how many grapes. It helps everything flow in the belly better... I SWEAR!

*** Last food Random... did you know you can get CALLUSES from de-shelling pistachio's? Neither did I. But I have them and now I can de-shell faster than anyone I know.

*** Do you think they have the world's fastest De-sheller of Pistachio's in the Guiness Book of World Records? Someone check that for me and get back to me.

*** When you type out LOL... are you REALLY laughing out loud? I'm not. When I type lol I'm laughing REALLY in my mind. So it should be typed limm (Laughed In My Mind) but when I type LOL in caps... I REALLY laughed out loud--now ya know.

*** The one song I NEVER get sick of and repeat over and over on my IPOD... Come Thou Font-- but THIS version only.

*** I try to show up at Hip Hop right after they've warmed up, but right before they do their ab and push up sequence. I'm horrible, cause when I teach class... I get irritated if people miss the warm up.

Okay enough random for today!

Have a good Thursday!

In comments go ahead and write your random thought for the day! I just might Twitter it, and then you'll be famous! :) Your. Welcome.


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