Monday, June 29, 2009

Something I swore I would never do!

Something I swore I would never do, that my parents did, was tell my kids they had to eat something they didn't want to eat.

I can't tell you HOW many times I sat across from my Mom for HOURS trying to see if I could out last her "just THIS time". I was stubborn. But NOT as stubborn as her. As I was getting food I didn't want to eat put in my mouth I remember thinking, "when I have kids I won't make them eat stuff they don’t want to eat."

I was at the dinner table last night and this is how things went:

PeePs: "I don't like broccoli"--note, the girl has eaten the stuff since she could pick it up and put it in her mouth. Both Cauliflower And Broccoli. So I was all kinds of frustrated from the very beginning and OUT comes the following conversation.

Me: "Well, to bad, you are going to have to eat at least one broccoli and one cauliflower. You might like them."

PeePs: Gets the pouty quivering chin look. "But I don't WANT to eat broccoli. My stomach doesn't like it."

Me: "Okay, that's OKAY. Don't eat the Broccoli. But you also can't have any COOKIE for dessert."

PeePs: Pout lip and real tears start to form. Her hands cross in front of her chest and she looks up at me from under her eyelashes.

Me: "Go to your room and pout. It isn't going to make a difference. You don't eat those on your plate and you don't get a dessert. Whether you cry about it or not."

This went back and forth with DCAR getting in the groove to try and help his sister out of the situation by offering butter and ranch and other condiments to assist her in "choking" it down for at least a 1/2 hour.

But she wouldn't budge.

I was getting bored of it and just wanted to move along that is why I am NO good at this kinda thing!

All of us finished eating and she was still in pouting position. Real tears had begun to flow silently down her cheeks.

And I knew EXACTLY what she was thinking as she stared at me like I was the WORST person on Earth!

MoutainSport Man got up and cleared some dishes, then began to divvy out the cookies. DCAR comes walking in eating one.

She eyed it and I KNEW I had her… so I compromised, something ELSE I said I'd never do.

Me: "If you take THIS bite of Broccoli and THIS bite of Cauliflower then you can have your cookie."

PeePs: Stands her ground. Until Bampa (traitor)picks up her fork and assists in putting the offending vegetable in her mouth by using AIRPLANE sounds no less. Then she began to LAUGH hysterically.

I went and grabbed her a cookie. As I set it down next to her plate I said, "Now eat the rest of your dinner before you eat that cookie".

I'm not gonna lie, I was feeling like a bit of a failure, until I pulled THAT one on her! :)

Okay now my question is… what is the thing YOU swore you would never do, that your parents did?

I think I'll join a random Tuesday posts tomorrow and name a bunch more. I have loads!!!

Hope you all had a good weekend. And if you missed THIS post over at REAL WORLD you missed some GREAT fun in the comments!

Go over there today… KRITTA is trying to become a baby making machine, poor girl, go give her some love!


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