Sunday, June 29, 2008

What is your pet peeve?

I have read, while blog surfing different posts, about what ticks people off when they are blog reading or surfing or whatever you want to call it!

Different pet peeves if you will! So I am curious about those that visit my blog. What ticks you off or rubs you the wrong way when you read other peoples blogs?

Some have said when the music instantly comes on when you click on a site. I have to be honest here and say that sometimes that can be rather frustrating because I will joyfully be blog reading away and click on a site, when all of sudden I get knocked over from the music blasting from my lap top speakers...then I have to gather my wits, and hurry to turn down the sound! But then sometimes I'm in the mood for music and will click on someone's site just because I know they have a nice play list and turn it on to listen while I surf the net. So it depends on my mood!

Others have said they hate it when the post is too long! I have a problem with that I'm afraid. Meaning I almost ALWAYS have too long of a post...sorry guys!

I have also read that some people HATE a million pictures of someone's kids...ummm...sorry, but this is a blog about ME and MY people, so if you don't like then that's to bad! So I am guilty of this one also.

Some hate it when the blog has too much going on in the design of the blog, like the scrap book looking ones. I'm not sure on your opinion of my blog...but I no it doesn't REAK of creativity so I think I might be good on that one? Who knows! I personally LOVE the scrapbook looking designs on other's me it shows personality!

I think my greatest pet peeve is when they DO design their blog and then the writing is hard to the writing fades a little into the color of the background and I have to squint my eyes to read what they have posted! It's down right annoying and I think I might have to sue those said people for making my eyesight go bad...because I'm sure it won't be from the excessive time I spend reading books or working on the internet or watching TV. Nope, it will be from those of you who design your blogs so cute but keep your writing REALLY light so I have to squint and twist my head in odd angles to read it.

Other people would give up...but I am determined to read those blogs because they are usually someone I want to read!

So expect some papers served from my lawyer...I better go, the words are getting blurry and I think I need to rest my eyes!

Leave a comment and let me know what bugs you? Then I might have a pole on the top three pet peeves to see which one wins out! I know, exciting times right?


Kritta22 said...

WOw I think I'm guilty of all of those!! Oh expect for the music one. That's my pet peeve. When I surf, (or whatever you wanna call it) I listen to my itunes and the sites just get in the way! And to my defense about the light text color on my site used to be black, so that's the only excuse I have!! :) Thanks for stopping by my site. Check it out often!

Candid Carrie said...

Whoa ... nice topic. Moderated comments and word scrambles just to leave a comment. I feel like I'll need to pee in a cup before they let me read the blog, too.

Music? No thanks.

Cluttered site? No problem, I live in clutter ... at least it is only on the screen and not bleeding on to my desk.

The only thing that bugs me about your site is that the header on here reminds me of Hershey's chocolate and even if I wasn't thinking of eating some when I arrived here it is all I think about when I leave here. I even tried coming back, looking away and scrolling fast and that didn't work. The subliminal message already got to me.

Blurry blogs are the best of the worst sins ever. Virtual blogicide if you ask me. Pink words on black, or turquoise on black. There is a reason why books don't come in those color pages. That was a poorly worded sentence, but you get my drift.

Whew, I am all wound up now and I am hungry for chocolate. Damn.

Marie + Jeff said...

So I'm going to go with blogs that are so busy (like with advertisements and such...hint, hint) that they take my super duper fast computer take a really long time to load. Then when I do get my Shelle-fix and try to click away, again my super-duper fast computer get duped and ceases to function. Then it waits for a minute to reevaluate the situation and then gives me an error message. I clear it and try again and POOF! we are back in business my friend.

DISCLAIMER: I was in no way trying to say that your blog is guilty of such an least not all the time...but just mentioning that it is a problem with other blogs of less importance, which is why I don't visit them very often. Your's, on the other hand, I am willing to endure...but usually only via Google Reader.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I'm gonna have to say it's a tie between the music, which I instantly mute, and when you can't read the words. I mean, doesn't the blog writer see that people can't read the words.

Natalie Sue said...

Right when I started reading this post, I knew my pet peeve. I am the same, I hate the blogs that you can't read cause they are black text on brown background or whatever. It bugs. SO.. I found a trick... you probably do this too. I highlight it with my mouse and it changes it either to white or black text. THEN I don't have to squint!

brooke&dus said...

I guess I never really thought of any of that stuff.....although I do feel pretty stupid when I click on a blog and the music blars at me but other than that I'm good with whatever, I just like to see what other people come up with. I just changed the writing and color on my blog.....can you read it good or not? I wanted something different but I thought that font might be going a little to far....let me know what you think..

Mamarazzi said...

not a fan of the playlist that turns on and blasts my eardrums. i like to keep my speakers turned up so i can hear when i get mail alerts and come running (knocking people over on the way) to my computer and read the mail that makes me happy. soooo people's music bugs me. i DO like the option of clicking it on...but i WANT the option.

i have a few fave blogs that are soooooo hard to read because of their blog design. i typically read them in my google reader THEN pop over to their blog if i wanna comment.

i love love love lots of pics. you will rarely find a post on my blog that does not have pics...they don't call me Mamarazzi for nothing y'all!

Kandace said...

Music. Period. I read blogs to, um, read. Music distracts me. Like how can I read about your kids if some music knocks me out of my chair after I already started reading?

Also, comment moderation. In blogosphere comments are payment. If I can't read my witty super fabulous comment right away chances are pretty good I will stop commenting all together. Plus, I read lots of blogs and not too often do I get a chance to come back and see where the discussion went.

Amanda said...

I abosultely hate it when they ask about your blog pet peeves. It's the worst.

Just kidding. I don't really care what people do with their blogs. I won't read it if I don't want to. So, do what you want. Long, short, dark, light, loud, busy, picture-full, WHATEVER!

Amanda said...

I just noticed you got 24 comments on your other post! Are you just dying with excitement?

Cycingred said...

I hate blogs that make me login. Come on people, you are not that popular that you need to keep people out!

I also don't like it when people keep changing the look of their blog.

I don't like too much clutter.

I don't like blogs that get more hits than mine unless they want to send some traffic my way. :)

Lindsay said...

I like that you called me a "lurker" -- like Dr. Suess's Once-ler who "lurked up in his lurkem on top of his store." So I had to leave a comment for anyone who reminds me of something I learned from Dr. Suess. So glad I found you on facebook too! You make me smile. Talk to you later.

Natalie said...

Oh, I love changing the look of my's a creative outlet! I do hate the hard to read thing and don't mind the instant music (unless it's just an obviously annoying song!) but know that my hubby hated that about mine cuz he couldn't visit it at work. I also don't like when people don't ever post on their blog...but totally understand that some people just don't have the time. I guess that's not a petpeeve, just a bummer. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your larger's much easier to read.

Also, me too on the long posts - I can't help it.

Anonymous said...

2 of my pet peeves:

1. someone Texting while I am trying to talk to them.

2. people smacking their gum.

Judy Haley said...

My two big pet peeves are

1.)unreadable text

2.) music that automatically plays. I don't mind a tune player that's loaded and ready for you to hit play when you visit the site, but blasting the tunes at me just for loading the page will cause me to never ever visit that site again. I'm not kidding about that. I may click away from unreadable text because I cant read it but then I my go give that site a shot again later. Assaulting my ears and waking up my family while I'm catching up on my blogging at two am is not acceptable.

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