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Part 2 of 1993-All About Me

Let me introduce you to Jammie my Indian sister, Navajo to be exact...she wasn't actually my sister by blood, just in case you were thinking that, we look so similar you might have been confused...but she stayed with us from fall of 1993 to summer of 1995...she was such a gem and we had a good time together. There was this program in our church where those kids that were a part of it could choose their school on the reservation or go to school and live with a foster family in our town. We were lucky enough that she chose to go to school in our town because she taught me a lot of wonderful stuff...and we LAUGHED so much! I was sad to see her go when it was time for her to go back home...but one little thing, it felt good to have my stuff back and not have to share we all know I'm shallow, lets move on!

This was the beginning of my "skater" period. No...I didn't actually skateboard, but apparently they had a sale at Miller's Outpost. Those white shorts...yea...loved them too! I did actually scrunch down the totally cool! No worries...we shared those shirts...
This picture was put in to give you another shot of my Indian sister and I need you to take note of my totally hot slippers...I believe they were crocheted and I wore them around with pride...thanks Grandma! I look so hot in those sweats also...I know, you don't have to tell me!
Again with the white shorts...and that shirt, not only did I own a shirt with that picture on it, but I also owned the poster...I proudly had that up all through 9th grade and until I graduated and moved up to the red room...
in our house, the red room was a mini had its own bathroom. It was a sweet day when I was able to move into that red room....

oh excuse me, I drifted off riding down sweet memory lane! I'm back now...I'm totally re-committing myself to the post.

Note: Those shorts ARE at my waist...I was cursed with the short body LONG legs deal...the shorts look like they are practically up to my breasts...which hadn't quite developed worries, I have made up for it since...I'm HUGE now, with me, it's either one end of the spectrum or the other, no middle ground.

This is my Grandma M. She made the slippers from two pictures above! At least I think that is who made them...I know she gave them to me, but who knows if she REALLY made them. OKay I kid...she made them. I think.
Anyhow...this was my Mom and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary...I was having the time of my life...and I totally dressed up!

I'm going to get this out there right now. Lake Powell is the bomb. Everytime I have been there for a vacation I have had a good time. But this time...this time in 1993 was my ABSOLUTE favorite time! We went with my CRUSH. My brother-in-law's, BIG T's, little brother Kev. You might remember him from this post. My every second on that trip was spent wondering where Kev was, what he was doing, if I looked presentable...ha...we all know that in my twisted newly teenage self I did, but NOW I know that I absolutely did not...ummm...most likely because I NEVER did my hair!lol!

Anyhow...I just had to stick this up there and let you know that if you ever think about going to Lake Powell you should.

One of my other best friends in the whole world was at that Lake Powell trip also...Him and his gorgeous wife, who have a straight-out-of-magazine-cute boy and live far, far, away from me now...but the guy got me through a lot of rough times by just being him and just being there for the when I wasn't obsessing over Kev...I was laughing with my BFF, who happen to be with my brother. We all got to invite one friend. My friend was Annie, my brother's friend was Rich (my BFF). Now you understand why it was such a GREAT trip. We played a LOT of the card game SCUM...aaaahhhh love that game!

I just LOVE this picture. It totally depicts my attitude in 9th grade. Remember I was a
'skater' there is NO smiling, or at least that was my outlook on it. Yes that is a WALKMAN I am listening to...don't be jealous, don't play hate!

I was hangin' in my older brother's room...I loved hanging out in his room...the red room...because, well, it had its own bathroom...I mentioned that already didn't I? Sorry, but I really, really liked that bathroom. (It was called the red room because it has red shag carpet...still does). Note the white shorts...told ya I loved those shorts.

I also had mad skills in middle school as a flute player. This is one of the parade's they BEGGED me to be in because I was JUST that good. Okay, it was mandatory or I would have failed the class...but you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that we had to all wear these REALLY HOT shirts with WHITE shorts! That's right, I got to wear my favorite white shorts.

I also started wearing make-up this year. For some reason I thought it looked REALLY hot to put eye-liner on the bottom of my eye's...I had NO idea how EMO I looked...I thought I looked totally hot. Then I saw a picture of me and realized how unkept it made me the fact I never did my hair.

Then one day I read in a magazine that if you want great pictures of you taken, then you shouldn't wear makeup under your eye. At that time in my life, magazine's where like the I stopped wearing under eye make-up. I realize that they meant only when you took pictures...but I never knew when a picture opportunity would come up and I wanted to always be prepared! :) Please note again: The white shorts and the cold sore...which I get one STILL every Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring...Every morning at 5:30 am our family would have scripture study. My mom would march through the house and wake us all up. We would drag ourselves out of our warm beds to read together. At that time in my life I grumbled and cursed my Mom for making me do that...especially because she wanted to give EVERYONE an opportunity to read. Even my younger brother and sister, Roburto and Suns fan #2. They were SO SLOW...and of course, that is hard on us, ya know, those of us that have superior reading sit and listen to someone read who is INCREDIBLY slow. (Yea you Roburto and Suns Fan #2, are you reading this? Are you picking up what I'm putting down?)

Okay they were only 11 and 8 at that time...but you understand feel me...we are one in the same thought. Hey I smiled for the picture...I played the role...I didn't complain out loud like I did in my head...I grinned and bore it, so to speak. lol!

This was one of my ballet Christmas performances. Every year our town did this big Christmas Spectacular where dance studio's from all around participated and it raised money for Good Causes and it was free advertising...

I wonder who picks out costume's for performances? Just saying...I remember taking that picture and thinking...gosh I hope no one I know goes to this performance...

So did you have a favorite piece of clothing? Bet you can't guess what mine was? lol!


Smonkey Mama said...

It has been fun getting to know you better from your posts and old photos. I totally remember your moms bows and side ponies! I love remembering the past and I have lots of fun memories!!

Oh guess what, I had a FAVORITE pair of shorts and I bet you can't guess what color they were?? YEP, they were WHITE!!! How funny is that??!! :) We continue to have lots in common!

Amanda said...

How tall ARE you?

D&BC said...

HAHAHA you are so funny!! I loved Millers outpost!! I haven't thought of that place in ages!!! I love your white should wear them sometime! I also love the pic of your mom with her side pony tail and your brothers shirt that says "button your fly" haha I think I had that shirt to!!
AHHH Lake Powell is AWESOME!! Good lake memories I have!! The best is when you got to take a friend!!!
Thanks for finding all this stuff out for us about "the job"!!!

Shelle said...

Smonkey--That is why we get a long...we have things in common! Love ya!

Amanda--Like 7 ft...5ft of legs! :) actually switch those two numbers around and put inches after 7!

D&BC--There is NO WAY I could fit into my white shorts anymore...I was like a size 2 there...and You're totally welcome!

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

I've yet to scan all my photos from high school and there are some doozies in there. But I will, if only to give peopel a good laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh....I wish i grew up around you!! I think we would have been BEST FRIENDS!!!!

Natalie said...

I had that shirt with the babies on it! Although, I picture it on my older sis, so she must have worn it the most. Express, baby! My dad got a job working for The Limited when we were in high school and we were always covered from head to toe in Express clothing! Thought we were the coolest...but we were probably made fun of for it!

Natalie said...

Oh, and I feel your pain, babe. I have lots of pics of me making this "don't you dare take my picture when I have a cold sore!" face. So not fair! Abreva is awesome.

Shelle said...

Misc Mum-You should get those pics is like releasing years worth of embarrassment and feels quite theraputic!

Merrianne--I believe we are long lost BFF's...You are so uplifting!

Natalie--We are now bonded for life, anybody that gets cold sore's and has pictures of them with it...I'm totally there with you...I totally am!
You were WAY cool wearing The Limited! Are you kidding...I would have envied you! I got hand me downs from my older sister!

Natalie Sue said...

lol... I had that poster too, and I ALWAYS wanted the shirt. I'm so jealous.
But I remember always wearing these funky little levi vests...oh and my hooped earrings. So stylish.

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