Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MountainSport Man got Tagged...

We found out that MountainSport Man got tagged by Spencer at Our Own Family Adventures...and the good sport that he long as I typed for him, he decided to answer the questions... Here's how the conversation went:

ME: "Hey a few weeks ago you got tagged off of someone else's blog."

MSM: "I got Tagged? What's that?"

ME: I give him a DUH look and said matter-of-factly, "It's a blog thing. IT's where someone asks personal questions and you talk all about yourself and then you name other people to do the same thing! Will you do it...wanna, huh? Ya wanna? Come on...just check out how cool the guy who tagged you is!"

MSM: Chuckles...I showed him the blog who tagged him and he was impressed that the guy could do splits AT ALL let alone at the age of 30..."I'm not really that interesting"...

ME: "So are you going to do it? Other husbands are doing it for their wives...hmmm..."

MSM: Rolls his eyes, "Okay I'll do it but you have to type."

K, let's get started:

3 Joys:

1. Shelle (My Wife)

2. My kids

3. Snowboarding/Mountain Biking

3 Fears:

1. Something happening to my Beautiful Wife or my kids.

2. Buying a car. I hate the whole process.

3. The unknown.

3 Goals:

1. Finish School

2. Get a Harley Davidson

3. Getting Shelle to get off the computer or her nose out of a book to hang with us.

3 Obsessions/Addictions:

1. Letting my wife do whatever she wants to do to make her happy and my kids

2. I'm obsessed with getting out of my current vocation.

3. Snowboarding/Mountain Biking

3 Surprising Facts:

1. I love the shows.

2. My first time EVER going to Disneyland was when I was 32 years old.

3. After 8 years I still haven't figured out how to get my wife to do whatever I say...when I say...even if it's right...surprising enough.

MSM says he doesn't know anybody to tag so he's not going to! lol! Hey Babe...I'm just glad you participated even though I think you could have come up with some different answers on some of those :) ...


Anonymous said...

AAAWWSOME!!!! As soon as Spencer gets home from school today, I will get him to read your hubby's Tag :)

Spencer was just asking last night if he ever did his!! :)

Sounds like he really LUUUUVES you Shelle :) That is sweet! By the way....tell him not to feel so bad--I am going to be 30 next month and i STILL have not been to Disneyland! I may be 32 before I get to go, too!

Anonymous said...

funny dude.

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