Monday, June 23, 2008

SYTYCD--Camping--New love...

First of all, to attend to Marie's rantings...I'M SORRY I left you hangin' girl...I wasn't able to read ANYTHING where I was...NO internet access...I felt naked and bare. I read your comment when I got back and then fell asleep but this morning I instantly felt horrible that I couldn't deliver...PLEASE forgive me. I should have been more on top of things. But you will soon realize NEVER to depend on me...I am almost always NOT reliable and to THAT you can rely! I am trying...

I know, I know, doesn't really count does it?

Well I will shamefully admit that I absolutely HATED not being able to blog. I prefer next time that my in-laws choose somewhere we can have cell phone AND internet access...but they are somewhat barbaric and LOVE that out doorsy stuff! :)

This is for you Marie--my MOST important opinion on SYTYCD.

I still absolutely adore Kat...the host...I love how she says, "And Welcome to..So You Think You Can Dance" such a charming voice and lilt to her accent...dang I wish I had that natural appeal! lol!

I totally agreed with who was sent home LAST week and THIS week. The Latino "hot Smokin'" teacher just rubbed me the wrong way. I haven't ever been able to warm up to her even with her outtakes...and for some reason her partner...even though shown as goofy during practices...didn't seem to have too much of a "LOVE him" kinda personality...but the BOY can DANCE...Dang! I thought after his solo that FOR SURE he was apparently they went with popularity and personality rather than the Best Dancer...because out of the three from the solo's he shouldn't have gone home, but I'm glad he did. The "you did too many tricks" was a cop my was the only thing they could think of to send him home cause he KILLED his solo!
Here is a peak of the results: ( You have to watch like a minute into it for it to start the solo's!)

Here is my favorite from the night before...sorry I'm a sucker for contemporary!

And Shane Sparks is a genius!:

Camping was a blast...I expected mundane and boring...but we had a really good time and I can't complain TOO bad...there were cabins, working toilets, and showers (even though I didn't remember so I didn't bring my own towel). I'll post more on it...but let's just say this family gets crazy I think it's the Indian blood in them...

There was some paddle boatin' and more of those later...

What is a reunion without a homemade slip n' slide...

And here's the crazy part...for some reason this family loves to get naked!...maybe not on the slip n' slide...but believe me, even at his young age, nakedness is one-with-them, so there definitely was some...

streakin'...oh my goodness...please cover the young one's eyes! But this is what I deal with when thrown into in-law territory! :)
I just had to add that I was watching on VH1 this morning and fell in love with this new singer...acoustic and raw like a lot, A lot, A LOT! Enjoy!
Justin Nozuka: "Ain't no Sunshine" (obviously this isn't his original work, but he also has some good stuff...I just LOVE his voice on this one)


MomMega said...

OH MY! That picture of the baby bottom? TOO CUTE!!

Merrianne & Spencer said...

Cute pictures and that looks like a lot of fun!!

What a cute little Baby Bubble Butt!

Smonkey Mama said...

Glad you had fun this weekend!! Fun pic's. Now it is my turn to leave town!! :)
Hope to see you this week?? Maybe?? Call me!
love ya-

Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast adorable baby ! Glad you had fun Camping looking forward to having some fun like that myself.

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