Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In the beginning...1994

Well this was around the end of my Freshmen year. In our little town you were still in Jr. High School in 9th grade! I was preparing for try-outs, because what you did in our town is you took dance and gymnastics in your younger years up until your Freshmen year and then you try-out to try and make a Cheer or Dance team then you quit everything and just do the team you made...because it is all about status! lol. I have saved those pictures for tomorrow...my tryout and team pics...but ...

Here I am in ballet class...point to be specific. Yea my shoulders should be relaxed and my chin back, but who's being picky? The skirt was not mine...don't know if you can tell that? I mean it fits perfectly! :) Ballet is what I was blessed to take...even though I may have been forgotten after class...I always felt most important IN class...I had a fabulous...mean and strict...but incredible ballet teacher!
I came upon this picture in my search for my blast-to-the-past post and I couldn't believe I had worn this vest? I mean I don't even remember it. As I was searching it was popping up everywhere in my pictures? I really DON'T remember it being one of my favorite pieces of clothing...I mean, what DROVE me to wear something so ridiculous? It's just NOT cute...(my Mom decorated my room...don't hate!)
Then I found my 9th grade FRIEND picture. Well duh...it was the THING to wear apparently! I mean look...even my good friend had a vest JUST LIKE MINE! I wonder if I let her borrow it or if we actually had the same vest? I guess back then it was COOL to wear the same thing...right? Am I the only geek?

Anyone there? You could have just told me YES I was the only geek...no reason for the silent treatment...I mean it's not like I do that anymore...wear the SAME thing as someone else...at least not on PURPOSE...sorry KT you still holding that against me?!

This is Suns Fan #2 modeling a shirt that became one of my most EMBARRASSING moments in Jr. High.

Remember Dance Masta and how I looked up to her ALWAYS. Well there was this ONE instance that I wished her someone else's sister...and that was the day she gifted me with this shirt and matching Levi jeans...yes, you read that right MATCHING jeans.

She somehow thought that picking out the BRIGHTEST color in the color spectrum and slapping some material haphazardly on a shirt and some fake looking colored jewels along with piping, would be really COOL! She.was.wrong.

I instantly thanked her and told her how much I LOVED IT...totally lied...and hid it in my drawers. Well she relentlessly asked my Mom if I had worn it. I hadn't and my Mom finally MADE me wear it to school.

All I remember is the stares...the snickering...and wearing my backpack throughout the whole day of school in front of me, I didn't linger in the halls, and I was early to class so I could slip into the most inconspicuous seat in the classroom!

Months after that day I still had my friends bring up that outfit and we would all have a good laugh WITH me...cause it's so much better to Laugh with your friends about you and not have them laugh AT you! Yea, SO much better...

Did you ever HAVE to wear a hand me down or unfortunate set of clothing because it was a gift?


~T. said...

My Dad's wife gave me a pastel colored sweater with an applique chicken on it and shoulder pads, once, try wearing that while rocking out to Bon Jovi..
Thank GAWD no one in the universe has a picture of that!


Yea all the time, and they were all from you!!! Love ya! I called you back yesterday! No answer! I am so excited for you to come out!!! It will be such a blast!

Natalie said...

I remember wearing some Nickers (not sure how to spell that) when I was really young- 1st or 2nd grade?- and thinking they were great until I got to school and was getting laughed at! Heartbreaking. Having to stand in the lunch line with all the big kids pointing and laughing was the worst. I was trying so hard to hide behind anyone and anything and thinking "why, oh why did I think these pants were cool?!" And I really have such a hard time remembering any childhood memory so if I remember this it really must have been bad!

MomMega said...

I don't have to, but my poor son does! His Grandma (my MIL) seems to think he is a girl. Or really likes to dress up. In frills. And costumes. HIDEAOUS! We try to take back as much as possible, but every now and then he has to wear some ridiculous outfit that she bought just so her feelings don't get hurt. We always put them on him when we are going to her house only and try not to let pictures be taken. No need to scar the kid!

Anonymous said...

oh yes...i definitely did!!!

this is SOOO funny!! :) I used to Wear Vests, too! and I was cool....so you were NOT a NERD or DORK or anything :)

Shannon said...

i got flourescent orange spandex shorts,matching orange socks, and a SHORT shirt that matched one year for my birthday. i also got penny loafers. for some reason i thought they would all look great together. i was wrong. wish i had a picture!

hey i'm in sg. call me if you wanna hang out i leave thursday morning.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I think I also loved me some vests, which is so totally weird. What were we thinking?

Natalie Sue said...

Yes! Those are the kind of vests I wore.... I think it waxs your post on the white shorts that I commented about it. funny

Natalie Sue said...
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