Friday, June 20, 2008

Sweat Shower...

I learned a lesson in my cycling class on Wednesday.

I walked into cycling class at 6am. Our Recreation Center where I workout and do aerobics in is kinda ghetto so you have to drag your cycling bike into the gym the class...and then DRAG, if you can, the bike back into the storage area.

Sidenote: Most of the time when I am done with a spinning class I have NO energy left to drag that bike back into the storage...I heave, I pull, I grunt, and then that order. SO I usually wait until everyone from class has already left, because I am so TOTALLY retarded and pathetic that I don't want to humiliate myself if I don't have to!

Anyhow. On Wednesday I decided to try the 6AM class...I had never gone before and I have found it is easier for me to work out EARLY in the morning or I NEVER do it.

I walk into the gym area to set my stuff down...because there is NO WAY I am going to be able to heave the bike ANYWHERE with things in my hands.

There is about 6 people already in there, on their bikes, pedaling away to warm up. I see that there is one guy...all on his lonesome and closest to the storage door where the bikes are at. The other 5 people were clumped together about 8 ft away from him. I thought to myself at the time, I wonder why he is all alone? The poor guy probably feels bad; that is SO weird.

Since he was closest to the door...I went and grabbed my bike and heaved it out onto the floor and plopped it down right next to the lonesome guy. Who smiled at me and welcomed me to class. He had an abundance of energy and he is definitely one of those people that LOVES mornings. What a CHEERY guy, I thought to myself. I wonder STILL why no one wants to spin by him. I shrug my shoulders and think...oh well, I'll be the big person and spin by him.

Since I am most defineably lazy...I was happy to make someone feel good and not go with the crowd...we looked like the outsiders...and I was happy to be such a GOOD person! I feel for people you know...I'm cool like that...go ahead, you can give me a virtual pat on the back. :)

About 15 minutes into the spin class...I understood why the other people decided to park their bikes where they had parked their bikes. They were not mean...they were not rude...(besides the fact that they didn't warn me...maybe it was some kind of initiation to the Wednesday 6am SPIN CLASS or something, I wonder) but they were incredibly smart.

The guy sweats...smells a little, or lot, because of it...but sweats! Profusely! He spins that bike SO FAST that he must burn like 5000 calories, but that isn't the only thing "spinning".

All of a sudden I start feeling like drops of rain are hitting me. BIG drops. I turn my head and see SWEAT flying my way! I am horror struck. We are well into the class right now...It would be TOTALLY obvious if I stopped myself and moved the bike somewhere I was stuck.

Let me just end this sad and disgusting tale by saying, I had a SWEAT SHOWER...and it wasn't my sweat. YUCK!

So if you EVER go to a spin class...and there is someone all by their lonesome...don't feel bad for them, there is a reason...just join the crowd with this one...TRUST ME!


I am going peace out...and I'll post about it on SUNDAY! Love you all!


Marie + Jeff said...


So I diligently watched SYTYCD this week so that I would have something intelligent to say about it. Did I miss your post? Why haven't you posted about it? Is your DVR still broken and so you are punishing the rest of us? I don't know if I can go all weekend without your SYTYCD post...

Anonymous said...


My stomach was HEAVING as I was reading this!!!!!!!

Smonkey Mama said...

OH SICK!!!!!! You were brave to stay there and keep on spinnin' next to "lonesome sweaty guy". ;)

Hope you are having fun camping. Thanks for the visit before you left! :) I owe you!!

Staci said...

Thats so nasty I do miss the spinning classes only 5 more weeks and I can start them up again!

DeGraffenried's said...

Hilarious!!! I still can't stop laughing! sorry!! See what happens when you try to be nice! P.S. I just got back from St. George - HOT! don't know how you stand living there in the summer!!

MomMega said...

Ewww! That is just...ew. You have most definitely earned some good karma points for that one!

Dolly said...

Wow! Shelle-
I think your heart was in the right place- you just had no idea what this guys sweat glands were capable of :)

Dolly said...


You live in St.George? I'm right up in Cedar City!!! :)

Confessions of an Apron Queen said...

Oh my gosh! That is sooo freakin' gross!
Poor girl! I feel bad that you had to endure that nastiness! Maybe he was sweating extra because you were next to him and he thought you were so good looking that he got all nervous!!

Shellie said...

Not only is that gross beyond reason, it's amazing! How does the guy manage to fling sweat out so far off his body? You definitely get brownie points somewhere for living through that. I hope you had a nice long shower with water after that.

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