Sunday, June 15, 2008

To my Father's!

I love this quote and thought I would share it:

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." ~Clarence Budington Kelland
If there is any father who lives out that quote it would be MY children's father! MountainSport Man is not only our provider, husband, father, dad, and daddy, he IS our best friend! He is so incredibly good with our kids. Just yesterday I was preparing for a lesson I had to teach today...he decided that he would take the kids swimming at the new pool that just opened...just him and the KIDS, so I could prepare my lesson! This is not abnormal behavior for him...that's just what he does!

With PeePs, he takes her on walks, or rides bikes or scooters with her.
Another example would be taking DCar up every weekend during the winter to teach him how to Snowboard so he would have a snowboarding buddy...during the summer he takes him every Saturday morning to the skateboard park to mess around on the skateboard!

He is also a great example for them. He is a hard worker...he is the perfect person to have around when you want to get something done. He will work and work and work until the job is finished...he hates leaving things half done! Thank GOODNESS for that...or ALL our projects would be just a thought without the work and completion since that is more MY work ethic! I live by that quote, "Isn't it the thought that counts?"

He loves the gospel, his Father in Heaven, and Jesus Christ. He knows it and has studied it...and one of the reasons why I married him was because we could talk COMFORTABLY about the is so nice not to feel stupid when I don't understand something!

Most of all though...he is fun...he shows his kids that there is time for WORK but there is always time for fun! His laugh is infectious...sometimes annoying when watching a funny movie because he is LAUGHING NONE STOP, but mostly infectious!

Honey, we LOVE YOU FOREVER +1!

TY: The quote that I love that goes with him is:

"I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich." ~M*A*S*H, Colonel Potter

This motto he project to his kids! He is definitely rich because of his family of 7 kids!

This is my Father-in-law Ty! I just call him TY...i love this guy. He has taught me alot about endurance and keeping your faith! He has one of the STRONGEST wills I have ever seen! He has been through so much these last couple of years...but every time I am around him he jokes around with me and the kids.

Plus, he is so lovable...I just love giving him hugs and squeezes and little kisses on the cheek!

This is how he has been with my kids since the first. He LOVES having them around and having them sit on his lap and tell him all about what they have been up to...or just watching TV with them. They usually end up falling asleep on them. MY KIDS LOVE talking and being with their Granpa I said, it's most likely because he is SO lovable!

This rings true when it comes to my DAD:

"A father carries pictures where his money used to be." ~Author Unknown

My Dad is someone that I can talk with and argue with. He respects what I say, and I don't know very many Dads that feel that way. If he doesn't respect what I say, then he ACTS extremely well and we know where Broadway gets it from! lol!

Growing up my Dad use to take me on rides to the grocery store and I would talk and talk about what was going on in my life. We built such a good repoirte together and have continued to have an incredible relationship!

He was a good example to me in the gospel of our church and in what man I wanted to look for when I was to be married. I did marry someone similar to my Dad. I never questioned if my Dad loved me...or if he would be there for me...I know he did and he was!

Then look at that could you NOT love a man that twinkles when he smiles!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all those father's out there...but especially to the THREE main father's in my life! I love you guys!

My husband got a IPOD touch for Father's Day that he has been wanting for FOREVER!

What did you do for the "father" in your life today? I always like creative ideas for next year! how about things that DON'T cost money...yea that would be nice...any ideas guys...any? Come on, help a sista out here! :)


Smonkey Mama said...

Hey Shelle-
We goofed up this Father's Day. We sort of forgot to get a gift for our fathers and only remembered Desert Snake!! OOPS... we will be giving DS's dad his gift tonight so technically it isn't late since it is still Father's Day. ;)
Oh, and Desert Snake got the Kitchen Aid mixer he wanted so he can make cookies and bread with the kids! Yes, my hubby is very domesticated, but I LOVE IT!! ;) I told him about MSM and he thought that was very AWEsome! I think there was a part of him that was a bit envious since he uses MY IPOD all the time (the one he bought for ME for my birthday.) He needs one of his own! ....soon enough....
Good seeing you at church today...miss your lessons, they are always fabulous!! :)

We are THAT Family said...

What an awesome tribute that they will cherish forever!

The Motherboard said...

that was a really nice post!!

Your blog header is one of the best i have ever seen! I love the "hey you lurker..." comment! That is SO true!I wish the lurkers would delurk more often!!

I like your blog! I'm off to cruise your archives!

Kass Martin said...

I love all the things you have said about the fathers in your life. You are so sweet. I am dying, dying about the pictures I have missed as I have been slacking in my blogging of you, Lisa, Rance...the outfits, the hair, Lisa's wedding pictures...Those are awesome! I love what you write about them too. I remember my aunt coming over in probably that same white shorts you were wearing in that photo with a white shirt. I wanted to be her so bad. She looked like Cindy Mancini from Can't Buy Me Love. So I darted upstairs and changed into the closest version of a twinner outfit so I could look cute like her. Sometimes I miss the 90's and all the fun ridiculous styles. So fun!

Natalie Sue said...

This is such a neat post...and GREAT pictures! Yay for our dads!

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