Friday, June 13, 2008

PeePs is 3!

UPDATE: No I have NOT watched SYTYCD...I am still waiting for the first night to magically appear somewhere on the internet...if you have ANY clue as to where I could find that, it would be AWESOME! My husband decided to keep me at home locked away in our room instead of checking me into a Mental sweet right? lol!

Today though, today is ALL ABOUT PEEPS!

"Hey PeePs, show me how old you are!"
She looks over to DCar..."How old m' I?" DCar showed her three fingers and said, "Three, like this".
It took her a minute, but she finally got it! She is 3! Thanks to the 3 one dollar bills in her was easier for her to put a number to an actual amount! Thanks to Grandma M. for that MULA!
DCar said, "Hey Grandma M. is the nicest, because we ALWAYS get money in our card!" Yea that is most definitely the definition of nice! :) Thanks DCar for that...


The Day of PeePs' Birth:
PeePs on June 13, 2005, after being washed and primped the nurses brought her into me! Aren't the pink bows the BEST...I love feeling a baby's soft skin, especially right after they are born and cleaned...they smell so yummy and their skin feels like velvet! You can tell in this next pick that it was a little rough for her through the passage to get here to ME...but she made it!

All bruised and swollen... :(
I look at these two photos and think, "Gosh she is so beautiful and perfect!" I loved her cute round head and fat little thighs!

But you showed me from the first that you had a MIND OF YOUR OWN because you were 4 days late...and when my patience couldn't hold any longer waiting for you to come on your own, I set an inducement date. You decided to come that day...on the day you were suppose to be induced! So I ended up NOT having to be induced...because I'm sure you were thinking, "FINE Mom, I'm coming, don't get your garmies in a bunch!"

Turning 1:
June 13, 2006--Eating of the cake! We had a BIG Costco cake all done up for you! All of your family that lived in our town came over and we had cake and ice cream.

You were so funny waiting to blow out the candle and dig into the cake! You definitely weren't one that was going to be shy...or that didn't like were at home with everyone watching you and flashing pictures!
You definitely DUG in! You kept liking your face, lips, and hands trying to get more of the frosting, you wouldn't have anything to do with the actual cake part! Even NOW you only lick the frosting off of the cup cakes or cake when we have it...
This is just a pic showing how you mostly were your first year of life! Happy and wanting and absorbing whatever attention you could get...that included tantrums, but I try and focus on the positive! :)

Turning 2:
Now this birthday was fun because everything you opened you would say, "Wow, tat is soooo coot!" or "I wuv it, fank u"...You made everyone feel that their gift was MOST important. Again family and friends that lived around came over for some cake and ice cream!
We tried the CHOCOLATE DOUBLE LAYER CAKE from Costco this birthday! YUM YUM...but again you only liked the frosting.
Your first scooter. MountainSport Man looked at a couple of stores to find the perfect PINK and PURPLE scooter since those are your favorite colors! You are most definitely a girl!

Turning 3:
You woke up this year to a bunch of balloons all over your room. Bampa said that you gathered them ALL up and went up stairs to show him what you had found! He said you could hardly get them through the door way...but you had the BIGGEST grin.

Daddy called you from work and said, "PeePs, what day is it today?"

To which you replied, "It's my Birfday are you going to sing to me?"

Daddy said, "Not at work honey, but tonight, tonight I will sing to you!" MountainSport man gets a little stage fright when it comes to doing stuff like that with people around...way to dash her hopes honey...but when he got home he did sing for her more than once...and MSM has a sexy voice...but to PeePs, it just her Dad and she was smiling from ear to ear!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! We love you so much and are so excited to see you becoming such a fun, spirited, yet determined little girl!

I have written great posts about this little rugrat and these are some of my favorites DRAMA FOR MAMA and IS THIS WEIRD TO YOU
Of course you can always click on the label "PeePs" at the bottom of this post, or the other ones, and get loads of fun facts and posts about the princess we call "PeePs".

This BOW was made by my MOST TALENTED sister-in-law Mands! She is incredible at designing and making things...especially bows! She has a company called Polka Dots in Patterns because she uses polka dots on all her stuff! She is just setting up the business so her website is not up yet...but she is amazing...and everything she does is custom there is usually never more than ONE thing made exactly the you are getting an original. I say "usually never" because you can request something be made EXACTLY the same.

If you are interested in more of her products email me at and we can send you some pics...she is amazing, I'm not just saying that because she is my sister-in-law, the girl has talent!

Are you a cake and ice cream person at birthday's...or is there something else you feel is better than that? Especially when it comes to your children? What neat traditions do you have on your kids' birthday's or what happened everyone of your birthday's that your parents did for you? I would love to hear ideas and things...cake and ice cream can be boring!



I can't beleive how much she has grow even from when I saw her last! She get more beautiful each and everyday! I really hope you guys make it out here! I totally want to see the kids! And you of course! Love ya!

Anonymous said...


SHe is gorgeous!!! Those are great pictures!! :)

Looks like such a fun filled day!!!!

D&BC said...

She is SO cute!! I can't believe she is 3! When you guys moved here she was just a baby!! We don't really have big birthday traditions we every birthday let them go to the store and pick out any doughnut they want the night before and then in the morning we put candles in it and sing happy birthday....they like it so far!

Di said...

Happy Birthday to your adorable girlie!
I missed SYTYCD too and I don't have DVR! So when you find out anything about it being on the Internet let me know. I'm surprised it's not on youtube yet... I wonder why... hmmm

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Peeps! Hope you guys had a great day.

Are you ready to rock?!!! We're coming Friday and I'm staying about a week so I'll call you!!

Natalie Sue said...

She is GORGEOUS! Happy Birthday, PeePs!

Smonkey Mama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Smonkey Mama said...

She is SOOOOO beautiful Shelle! Always has been!!

You asked about ideas for cakes...I have a WAY awesome thing that I did for a birthday cake instead of a cake. We actually had a birthday party in the morning between breakfast and lunch and if you want to know more let me know! It was a HUGE hit and everyone loved it and I have done it a few times since. If I could patent it, I would for sure!! :) 
Have missed you lately. What happened to you since soccer camp?? Haven't talked to you since I was unable to go to the park... Friends still? ;) TOTALLY TEASING :).....Call me!!

The Motherboard said...

happy birthday to your little one! she is beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog--- i like finding new ones to read!

Staci said...

Hey thats a good day to have a birthday I had Braxton this morning at 9:30 he was 8lb 14oz and 20 inches long hes a healthy boy my blog is bein ghetto so I can't post anything right now but I am working on it but I did have a question do you take pics of new babys and how much would ya charge we will be down there on the 4th I was just curious thanks

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