Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rookie Soccer Mom...My Obsessive TWILIGHT previews!

YES I watched So You Think You Can Dance...but I want to do just ONE post on it so I will post my favorites tomorrow! While skipping through the commercials...this one caught our attention and I have to made me it here. It has a good message...but it is cute and funny at the same time...very clever!

I do have one thing to say about it...anybody else feel that there were ONE too many whiners? HELLO--I don't want to hear another sob story...I want to see you dance and kill it out on the floor...not hear your LIFE STORY...gosh, PLEASE...less talking, more dancing! this week has been SO busy! I have been running around with my head cut off and experienced my first real SOCCER MOM experience!

DCar has been in a soccer camp put on by Challenger Sports. It's this great soccer camp where the coaches are from Great Britian and they work over here in America for a few months to coach for this company! DCar loves it and has been going in the morning from 8-11 and in the evening from 5-8pm!

PeePs is doing her first round of swimming lessons...first time ever taking them...she loves to have something important to do! Her lessons are from 10:30-11:10am. Just one thing to say about the lessons...As a swim teacher myself, I feel I am able to put my opinion out there...when you are trying to get a bunch of 3 year olds in a pool and make them put their heads under the water...ummm...don't wear a hat and sunglasses that you don't want to get wet and ask THEM (the three year olds) to go under water when YOU yourself won't go under water! So I basically wasted my money...but PeePs feels happy doing something like her big brother I am letting her enjoy it instead of demanding my money back!

Note: Swim teacher barely even in the water...PeePs is doing just whatever...I told her to get back in the water and get her hair wet or she wouldn't get to come to class anymore. This day I took pictures the teacher had her glasses off! Don't get me wrong...she looks darling...but I'd like her to really get in the water and show the kids how it's done!

So after I go and drop her off at swimming lessons I then run over to the soccer field to pick DCar up. Luckily...MountainSport Man is able to run over from work and pick PeePs up! It's crazy!

Then I rush home and get them lunch.

I have usually planned something with other friends or playgroups in the afternoon so I can see other adults. I fit in exercise also!

I'm freaking rocking this week!

In the evenings I have stayed at DCar's soccer practice just chillin and taking some actions pictures! Very good practice! Here are some of my favorite shots for the week!

We were suppose to be listening to the saftey rules. The first day apparently they go through ALL the safety rules. It took a 1/2 hour...the class is only 40 minutes...I didn't have a good first impression from the get go...I had taught there, I knew how it should work...I mean you tell me what kid is going to remember all the rules when all they are thinking about is hoping in the pool. We use to do one a day and then review them all the last day! Think optimism...optimism...optimism---I'll just keep doing that while you look on!

Here is one of the coaches diving for the ball---I apparently didn't get the ball in the shot...dang!

DCar is preparing to hit the ball on his head...very important! He's got a big enough noggin that it shouldn't be too much of a problem! lol!

The coach from Scotland showing the kids how to Goal kick I believe...
My friends husband Cam took this picture. He is also a photographer and does Great photos...he wanted to mess around with my camera and new lens! I edited it.

Okay my super obsessive secret HERE to read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn...the 4th book of the Twilight Series!!! UPDATED: I just clicked on the link and it was taken off of her blog...she decided that since it wasn't ACTUALLY released online that it probably wasn't right of her to post it on her blog (I hate it when they get all self conscious and RIGHT lol) can get it other downloading it's out there...but since I read it off of her blog--I didn't need to do it, so I can't tell you what or how to do it, but I know you can! I was looking around and realized that you had to download this or that...or if you clicked on the links on Stephenie Meyer site that you only got some of the first chapter...supposedly this is all of it! Also here is the first completed scene of the movie--Holy sh-now-zer--I can't believe I seriously have to wait until December...your killing me!


Shannon said...

can NOT wait for the movie! or the book. i guess that's coming first so I'll look forward to that!

so fun being a soccer mom! parker starts in the fall and I can't wait!


How freaking cute is DCar at soccer and peeps at swimming lessons, I was a freaking good swim teacher and that girl freaking sucks I would be pissed! That totally sucks! Love ya!

DeGraffenried's said...

I can't wait for the next book or the movie. I told "Dance Masta" that we should get a big group and all go to the movie! PS. I would have asked for my money back on swim lessons!!

Anonymous said...

craZy about the swim "teacher".... i would be mad, too.

awesome about your son & soccer :)

your blogs is never disappointing....always a pleasure to read :)

Amanda said...

Soccer is cool.

Natalie said...

Awww..consider yourself lucky cuz the lady took the first chapter off her blog. booo....

I was so excited to see the scene, though, I was doing a little happy dance in my chair with a strange squeaky sound coming out of my throat. Do you know that dance? :)

plus that soccer camp sounds amazing. Funny how just saying that foreigners teach it makes it seem top notch, eh? My hubby did soccer growing up. I really want to get some of my kiddos into it. It's in their genes!

Staci said...

Sounds like you are keepin busy can't wait to be a soccer mom and for the movie and book to come out the scene looks awesome I know what Im doin in December.

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