Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mom I need to chweck my EMAIL!

Note before you read the post: I have decided that I want to start commenting back on your comments...but that it is probably lame when I come over to your site and comment on what you said on MY site and you're thinking..."What the heck is that crazy lady talking about?"

So I am going to start commenting back in my comments to YOUR we are actually having a conversation! So if you ask a question or something...just come back and check in the comments for your answer! I would rather read and visit your site's and comment on what you have written...not left over from what you have written on my site!

Now that, THAT is over with...I hit 12 comments yesterday and over 6000 visits! I'm so moving up in this blog world that I love so much!lol! Watch So You Think You Can Dance TONIGHT!!!

PeePs has this new thing where she says to me, "Mom, I need to chweck my email" where she proceeds to get on my Dad's computer and types away at the MSN homepage. The other day I get home from work and I wander up to the kitchen...I hear someone in the computer room typing away. I think it's my Dad so I go in to say, "Hi". This is what I saw...I ran quickly to document

My little girl, not quite three yet...I wonder where she learned this from? :)

After she hears the camera go off she looks over to me and gives me this face and says, "No take picture of me Mom I chweckin my email"...and then turns around to continue to do what she was doing...
I said, "Hey PeePs, smile for Mom..."--the girl can't resist...she's a natural Ham! Then again she turns to continue "chwecking her email".

"Oh Dang PeePs, I didn't get a cute enough smile...can you do it one more time for me...and this time really mean it!" lol...the girl seriously just can't resist!

So I ask this normal almost three year old behavior in a little girl...or am I to be awarded..."Worst Mom of the Year Award" because my little girl knows how to turn on the computer...navigate to the on her NickJr. or StarFall Website from the FAVORITE'S column and play away?

Is it?

I just chalk it up to her being INCREDIBLY smart...she is LEARNING while she plays...I make sure that her FAVORITE'S column has only kid friendly...learn things...kind of site's!!! Total justification, but it makes me feel better at just realizing she does it because she sees me on my computer either editing photos or blogging!

(Don't's my best babysitter when I'm getting ready for the day!)

P.S. She doesn't actually have her own email...she just types at the MSN Homepage!


Anonymous said...

she is absolutely adorable!!!! you did good Shelle--you did good :)


Okay so that is so freaking cute!!! I love that she checks her email! Oh and Derek said you are a LOSER!!! haha! Did you ever get my comment about fixing my page? Well I want you to do it!!! Please!!! Love ya!

Darcie said...

She's have to be "chwecking" a lot worse than her email for you to be the worst mom of the year!

I love your blog - hilarious and interesting and well-designed. Oh, and of course having a picture of my favorite mouse (mickey) on here doesn't hurt!)

D&BC said...

So I guess that's what I need to do is make K his own "fav" column kuz he can run the computer also just not get to his games.......and it is oh so nice to have them sit a play something educational and learn instead of just watch tv!!! I love it!!

Natalie said...

My kid's the same way and I call him smart too. It makes me feel better. He's also the best video gamer I know and he's only 4. How's he do it? I guess it's in his genes- from daddy, not me.
And yes, I do know the 'parents just don't understand' lyrics but not all of them cuz I didn't hear it every day like the other. Will Smith is awesome.

Shelle said...

Life CHanges--Yes I got your comment about fixing your page and I'll DO it already--sheesh! loL!

DB&C--I got your phone call by the way...I'm going to call mind is serverly damaged from something...waht I'm not sure...can't remember! Anyhow...yes the computer can be a GREAT learning tool...I might be over doing it though! :)

Natalie--DCar might be twins with your boy because he was playing video games at the age of's crazy how they catch on so fast and are so naturally good at it...I have NO idea how they do it! lol!

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