Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My car wreck...

I have been in ONE serious car wreck my whole life...knock on wood...and I'm sad to say, or admit, I'm just not a very good driver sometimes! :)

As you know we didn't have loads of money growing up. My older brother, The Traveler, came home from his mission and my parents purchased this used BMW for him!

It was the first car I learned how to drive in...holds sentimental value...because it was stick shift. So I learned how to drive stick before anything else! When my older brother purchased a new car, this BMW, was handed down to my brother, Broadway, and I!

Therefore, it was handed down to ME...since I am a lot pushy and usually could fanagle into getting my way most of the time! I usually was the one driving it. Thanks Broadway for dealing with me!

After play practice I offered to take a friend home on a dreary, rainy, day! We had Root Beer Floats in hand and I was attempting to drive stick and eat my Root Beer Float...stupid looking back yes, but just wasn't really aware of the danger at the time.

I was at a light, in the Left Turn Lane, waiting for a green light...I look to my left and I see a boy I know well from my high school on the side of the road...he had been in an accident and had ran his car into the pole.

My light turns green...

I nose slowly up to the middle of the intersection and could have SWORN that I didn't see any oncoming traffic...

since I am closer to the scene of the wreck of my friend...I look over and start turning left at the same thing I knew my Root Beer Float was ALL over me...and my friend was SCREAMING, "It's going to's going to blow"...(she watched a lot of television...where the car blows up from the gas leaks and stuff)...this will tell you how sick I really am, and confirm that I DO laugh at the most unusual times...I laughed when I heard her scream that...just laughed. I attribute some of that to SHOCK!

Not thinking straight and still in shock...I help her with her seat belt and look up to see the small truck a few yards away from us turned the other friend was fine, thank the heavens above...the car didn't hit her, but one more inch they said and she would have been hit straight on. I thanked my Heavenly Father daily after I learned that!

Lesson learned: Don't drink and drive...don't look at other wrecks when attempting to turn left while there is oncoming traffic, especially in the rain...and it's ALWAYS your fault when turning left because you are suppose to yield to oncoming traffic...even if you HAVE the light and they don't! (When you have a left arrow I mean! That wasn't my case though, I found that out later in Traffic School)

Oh and don't take an ambulance when you are both fine...costs lots of money...and REMIND your parents how lucky you are to be alive before you tell them you totaled their newly PAID OFF BMW!

That's right...they had just paid the final payment that week! (Keep in mind we didn't have a lot of money to just throw around!)

Have you ever been in an accident?


D&BC said...

I have and it was no fun! It's a long confusing story but still to this day I promise it was not my fault!!!! And that's no joke!!!

Natalie said...

I've only been in a tiny one the week before my wedding where I slid while braking into a stopped car. There was no damage at all but my airbag went off and Man! Does that sting your eyes and throat! My sister, however, was in the backseat of her friends car when he didn't realize he was driving into a canal and she almost drowned! Scary stuff!

nick said...

Oh my goodness! You're old memories are so funny! And the soccer picture is an instant classic. Gotta love it.

MomMega said...

Scary!! This is like my worst nightmare. I have been known to drive waaaay out of the way just to avoid an "unprotected" left turn. I am even worse now that I have a baby in the car.

Mcewen Family said...

So yes I have been in three accidents two my fault one not.Oh did I mention one of them I was fifteen and driving a boyfriends car.That was some fun let me tell you.Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

This was cute. I just recently posted about my first car experience..

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