Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So this you see, is 1993 Part 1

My sister, Dance Masta, called last week and said, "Shelle I have a bone to pick with you...call me back". This means one of two things.

Either one...she has some project she wants to complete with me...like canning peaches or making salsa, she is domesticated like that! Or two...she really has a bone to pick with me.

Well I avoided three of her calls and by the fourth one I decided I couldn't put it off any longer. I answered.

"Hey Shelle, what cha doin?"--quickly my answers go through my mind...um sitting here not wanting to find out my fate...or trying to decide which of the two evils you will throw at me...or I'm sitting on the computer, saw that you called, and decided to answer...yea that one.

"Just blogging and checking email...what's up? What bone do you have to pick?" I've never been good at warming up a conversation...I'm one of those...lets-get-right-to-the-point kind of people.

"Oh my Bone to pick? Yea...I see how you are. You come up with this 'great' project we should do for Mom and I have realized after reading your FlashBacks that you wanted us to do that project for you. So that all you had to do was go to the year and folder you wanted and search for pictures. I see how you are! hahaha!" I should have known my sister was too smart, that she would pick up on my hidden agenda for our Conference Week Project.

I started laughing...a lot...to the point of tears hitting my eyes and answered back, "I can't get anything past you...how did you figure it out?hahaha"

Dance Masta laughing along with me, "Your Flashbacks gave you away. So convenient now everything is organized for you to look through pictures at your whim."

I so thought my younger sister, Suns Fan #2, was going to pick up on that first. There is always a hidden agenda with everything I do...lol!

Okay so not really...I really didn't suggest the project so I would have pictures to embarrass myself with all over the internet...I came up with the brilliant idea after they were all organized! :)

Well, it seems the more I get closer to high school the more pictures that seem to pop up that I want to share and I just can't seem to choose. So I am going to do this FlashBack in two parts.

I realized that Dance Masta was just envious that she wasn't getting in on all the FlashBack fun! So this one's for you!
This is Dance Masta in her wedding dress! She was married Last Month 15 years ago in the fabulous year of 1993! I mean look at her veil...classic style of a mix between little city girl and magazine runway super star! She has these old fashioned looking white boots that she wore under her dress. They looked like she bought them straight out of the 1800's! Only her boots where stiletto's! Her dress is straight down...no puff or frill on the skirt...but she did have the all popular SHOULDER PADS goin' on...Yea, she was SO beautiful...especially to a 14 year old girl that idolized her...she walked on water. I want you to pay close attention to that dress, because it MIGHT flash into my 1994 post and it's important that you place it!

This is who Dance Masta married...BIG T. He played football...he is SUPER BIG...6'5 and however many pounds. He was a man...all man...came from a clan of 8 where 7 of them were boys...believe me, he was rough and tough! I don't know HOW Dance Masta got him to wear the white tux for their wedding...MountainSport Man wouldn't do it no matter WHAT I promised him...and believe me I got creative! So I couldn't help but post this next picture...I don't know who got him to pose for that...but I was bustin a gut! Dance Masta is totally into the posing for the pic if you can't tell...but Big T. looks like he's going to lose it any minute. This is when you KNOW you are in love...when you can do stuff like that, which is totally out of your comfort zone...(and you know your fellow college football players will razz you if they ever see it or your 6 OTHER BROTHERS for that matter). I don't think he intended for other people to see this picture...that is what I'm here for, letting everything "out of the closet" so to speak! ha!

What is that Big T? You have a bone to pick with me?

You've been in my life for 17 wonderful years...believe me, you don't scare me anymore...you are teddy bear beneath massive layers of muscle and height...aaahhhh I love you too!

My next victim is my Mom. She keeps saying, "Is there NOTHING you hold sacred?" Meaning, how can I tell all these stories and share these pictures to everyone out there.

hmmm...No, I don't...to think about it...I have no shame... :)

This picture of her is the LONGEST her hair has ever been. She had short hair all growing up and throughout her marriage. I don't know what posessed her to grow it out at this point in time...but I'll just let you in on a little secret...she put it up in a side ponytail like EVERYDAY...and she might even have stuck a bow in it once in a while...one of those BIG bows that I tried to avoid at all costs!

Also note the white sweat bottoms...she wore those out until they ripped open and where unwearable...

So your welcome MOM...for bringing back such a happy memory for you! :)

I have no idea what we were doing for this particular performance...why I danced with Dance Masta and Broadway...but you secretly wish you could own a costume just like this don't you? We were so WHITE hip hop...so Vanilla Ice...

Let me introduce you to Bubba...he is or should I say was a weiner dog! He was a Christmas Gift from Santa Claus in 1992. Roburto told my parents that if he didn't get a dog for Christmas that he wouldn't believe in Santa. So Santa pulled through and we were awarded with a puppy...or I should say Roburto was awarded with a puppy...that dog was the bane of me for the existence and time that we had him. The dog was posessed...I kid you not.

Oh sure...he was sweet looking and LOVED Roburto. In fact, you couldn't come within 5 feet of Roburto when he was all cuddled up to him. Obviously in this picture he was asleep and still just a puppy, but when he grew up...ROBURTO was territory to Bubba...Bubba owned him and NO ONE...I mean NO ONE could touch him without Bubba snapping at you!

I believe we trained him wrong...or not at all. My MOM who hates dogs anyway, was the one who ended up taking him to DOG Camp...where Bubba failed miserably!

Bubba would bark SO LOUD at anybody that knocked on the door or even tried to come in the house.

I started to notice that I would put on my underwear and there would be holes in the CROTCH...that's right holes in the most important part of my underwear! I screamed and ranted and raved at the fact that I no longer had a decent pair of underwear...my 20 pairs be knocked off one by one slowly down to two pairs...Bubba was snacking on my DIRTY underwear...sick...gross...yuck! Sorry should have warned you before I said that...

I complained to my parents...and although we attempted to put the underwear up off the ground or discipline Bubba if he even got near them...it was to no avail...the dog was obsessed with my UNDERWEAR...I wasn't OLD enough to wear crotchless panties...and I'm not into that anyway...so for Christmas of 1993 I received like 5 packages of under wear. I was stoked!

But not a month later, Bubba had dwindled that large number down to just a handful of underwear...and that was the LAST straw...I cried and complained and cried.

Not long after that my parents gave Bubba away to a family that lived on a farm...they said he would be happier there.

Roburto, to this day, still blames me for having to give up his most PRECIOUS friend.

I had my own going away party for Bubba...I went to WalMart and bought me more underwear...and I went CRAZY! Stew on that Roburto! ha!


Anonymous said...

I Was crackin up through the whole thing!!!!!


mariann said...

This was so funny! I am a lurker...who has now been given the go ahead to post! I laughed so hard at those pictures! They are sooo funny and the engagement picture? Is that a little Julie Flinders on Saturday Warrior? Awesome!

Amanda said...

Poor dog... he can't have his panties anymore. : (

Can you come Friday?


Still to this day I blame you for breaking my heart too. Although bubba didn't love me like Roberto I still loved him! DOG HATER!

Natalie Sue said...

Oh my heck, you are absolutely hilarious! I loved reading the whole thing! I am going to email you a funny dream that I had....

Shelle said...

Mariann-Oh my gosh...I didn't even think about that...but YES it is exactly what it looks like, Saturday's Warrior--I use to LOVE that show! I'm glad you DE-LURKED by the waY...i can't wait to go and check your blog out!

Amanda--Poor Dog? Poor Me...Poor ME I tell ya...I had to walk around with holey panties! LOL!

Life Changes--Bubba hated you because you bugged him so much...face it...you were happy when he left... :)

Natalie--you leave me in suspense? Shouldn't you have your baby? :) I kid...but not long now...have you come up with a name?

The Dennis Wright Family said...

I'm telling you Shelle, there has to be something in our family that is off limits to your blog!!! Where did you find that picture of my LONG HAIR!!! I thought I was HOT! HOT! HOT! And you know that I loved those WHITE SWEATS! SWEET! I love reading what you write so keep it up! LOVE YOU!

Richard, Ashley and Ben said...

Oh my gosh-those pics are PRICELESS! You're personal pictures are so great, I saw your other blog and loved it. You're such a good lil' blogger:) Glad you liked Richard's hair. When he saw the pic he said,"you're so mean to me" but he was laughing the whole time.

DeGraffenried's said...

Dance Masta is so going to "have a bone to pick" with you as soon as she sees this one! Those are some great pics!

Megan said...

Like, wow! That was a total flashback to the early '90s. So, when said weiner dog went to the farm was it a holey-day for you? LOL! :)

Shelle said...

Ashley- His hair rocks blonde and straight!lol! I love that he can joke around, that was my favorite quality about him! For a minute there I thought you were totally serious!

Degraff-I know...I love to have her call me up when she finally gets to reading these posts...she isn't a very good blogger so it always comes like a few weeks later!lol!

Megan--It was a alleliuah day for me is what it was! I rejoiced and thanked the heavens above! :)

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