Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Take out your blankets and your pillows.

I was at Harmons today at 9:38 pm to buy me some popsicles. I had a craving and I needed some PACE BAR popsicles--the best ever popsicles, mark my word.

But anyway, I was at Harmons, picking up my popsicles and as I was checking out the checker said, "Isn't it a bit cold outside to be buying popsicles?"

I had never really thought about it before because I do SOOOO many odd things. But yea, I guess it is kinda odd.

So pull out your pillows and blankets and gather round for story time, let me reminisce:

When I was young I would go and visit my Grandma Louise and Grandpa Jack every summer for at least a week. I LOVED visiting them. They lived in this old mining town in Nevada and it had charm. Now, as I grew older I didn't appreciate the charm so much, in fact, I abhorred the lack of technology my grandparents lived without, but looking back it really did have charm.

It was simple.

Now the one thing I remember MOST besides the charm and simple was that every time it rained, and it got cold, even in the summer, every time it rained my Grandpa Jack would have my Grandma pull out the vanilla ice cream and the hard cones and take us outside under a tarp and listen to the rain, in the cold, while we licked our simple vanilla ice cream cones.

Because of my Grandpa Jack I crave ice cream when it rains. I eat popsicles in the winter. I dream of life more simple.

Thank goodness for being odd... and for cold air and cravings for popsicles!

So what's your oddity that you picked up when you were younger?

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