Thursday, December 9, 2010

Real or Fake?

Well I get on Facebook once in a while and about a week ago a friend of mine asked the question, "Real or Fake".

I thought she was talking about boobs. So I chimed in, "REAL! Until I get fake ones or a boob lift".

No really I didn't chime in with that response, but I really did think she was talking about breasts.

But she wasn't.

She was talking about Christmas Trees.

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It's a pretty big debate, which is surprising... okay, really it's not.

Anyway... here's my opinion on the matter because I know you want to hear it.

Fake is how I like them.

Here is reasons. First of all, I'm a self-proclaimed couch potato...or lazy. When I can rest from my jobs and home life, then you better believe I am NOT trucking up a hill to saw down a tree... for FUN. Doesn't sound like one OUNCE of fun to me... add snow to that whole scenario and it's a Helk no! Secondly, I like knowing I can make my tree look perfect or make it have that special hole in it where the fake squirrels lived. In other words, I have control of how my tree looks. Thirdly, no up keep. This goes along with being lazy, but I won't have to vacuum fallen pine needles or water my tree everyday.

Now I get people whining to me that the smell of a real Christmas tree is why they get real over fake.

Well that was easily solved. There are plenty of good smelling companies out there that make PINE smelling candles or scents. Hide that sucker and let the smell tease our senses and remind us of outdoors and pine syrup.

Another thing for those of you that choose to buy a real tree every year. I save money by buying a really good fake one, ONE year, and continuing to use it over and over again. That way I can spend that savings on someone for Christmas... namely me.

My fake one comes with lights also! I don't have to string lights!!!

So basically we slap some ornaments on there and stick a bow on top and we call it a day.... it's awesome and the kids always think I'm a super hero when it's done because they love it so much.

But my way isn't necessarily the right way... just the logical one. So tell me friends and foes and stalkers alike... Real or Fake?

And no... I'm not talking about boobs.


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