Monday, December 20, 2010

I really do READ you guys! Check these people out! Great posts! My way of giving back :)

I do actually read from my reader and forget to come back and comment... it's a bad blog character trait.

So I wanted to link up to some great reads I read just this morning.

SciFi Dad has been one of my faves for a long time now... he put together a survey and figured out the html and everything for it I'm sure (cause he's nerdy like that :) and then posted the results.  Way interesting and I thought a really fun read!  Good idea for a post so you should steal the idea if you like it enough... only you have to be somewhat nerdy to figure out how to post a survey and have the results go to somewhere that calculates the percentages or whatever... Anyway... :) read it HERE!

Momma Sunshine is just cute.  Seriously.  And she's fun to read.  I read her mostly on reader and comment every blue moon cuz I suck like that... but I loved THIS post entitled, "I can't read your blog anymore"-- I hate this about some blogs and so I totally picked up what she was putting down.  It's worth the time to read it and I dare you not to comment with your opinion.  Love posts like that.

Now I love when people do great things for charity.  PapaK had a child he knew that passed away recently and he is doing something in his memory.  You can read about it HERE... but basically go over and comment on his blog... for every comment he will donate a dollar!  So if you have time then help a brotha out!

And I do need to mention my Real World blog.  I've been neglecting it yes, but I've had some great DEAR YOU letters written and if you have time you should hop on over there and read them and give your advice or opinions on them.  Fantastic stuff!

So see... I promise I read... I just have been way stick-me-in-a-corner-for-time-out bad at commenting!

Love you all,

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