Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yay us! And Publicly Apologizing

Ask me what I'm doing this weekend... go ahead...

ask me.

I am going to the PBR Finals!!!

I'm so stoked! I loved it so much last year that this year, for my husband's birthday, I got us tickets!

Now... he is all for going with me... on his birthday, so he says...

I know this seems like a present more for me than him, but it's in Vegas, so he wins also!

YAY us!

Now for all seriousness... not that I haven't been serious, but let's talk.

I've sucked it up at commenting on your guys' blogs lately and I want to publicly apologize.

Here's the thing.  I read your blogs on reader, in between routings when I'm at work.  But we can't access blogs.  Which is probably a good thing or I'd never get any work done.  But I do READ what you guys are saying everyday or whenever you blog... I just don't always get to comment.

If I do get to comment, it's because I have a free minute after work when I'm not taking pictures or driving kids to classes, games, and practices, or editing to make a comment.

It doesn't excuse me however.  I am going to make a better effort to comment on your blogs because I know it counts in the grand scheme of things with bloggers.

I really really really do feel bad that I haven't been around and I do want to reconcile that.

And I love even more that you guys still come over to my neck of the woods and either privately email me a comment or comment in my inbox.

Seriously, thanks.

Love ya all!

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