Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm talking about Facebook... I'm sure you have an opinion...

I wrote a post over at Real World talking about Facebook and Relationships...

Ruin or not ruin... does Facebook play a role in the recent divorce rate?

Here's the beginning of my post... Click the Real World image below to go to the post...

My BIL’s favorite saying since Facebook came about, “Facebook is of the devil”. At first, I admittedly scoffed when he said that, chalking it up to him not understanding Facebook... or the technology world in general. But now? Now I believe he may have some kind of freaky intuition.

You see. The last two friends who have gotten divorced that I know of... BOTH because of Facebook infidelity. I’m not even fibbing. That doesn’t count the ones before that. But the last two which have been in the last two months... Facebook has been a contributor. People spending hours and hours on Facebook with games and updates statuses... neglecting family and responsibilities, an Internet addiction of another kind.

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