Wednesday, July 8, 2009

VIDEO: Snuggie vs. Last season's Grim Reaper

WE were wandering through Kohl's on the 4th of July weekend when out pops (sitting in the middle of the aisle) about 10 boxes left of the SNUGGIE.

The REAL deal here guys, the AS SEEN ON TV, was clearly marked on the box.

I actually asked for this for Christmas... HELLO, I read, I NEEDED one--want had NOTHING to do with it.

THEY WERE ON SALE!!! Yea me!!!

I wrinkled my nose, then furrowed my brow, and thought about buying one for all the time it took to lift one box up and into my cart.

And all became right in the world.

See I have been GREEN BLUE with envy since Kristina P. started flaunting hers around on her site. She even has a SNUGGIE OF THE WEEK picture! It was like stabbing me in the heart each and every time I went to her site.

Torture of the worst degree.

But now I have my own. And my prayers have been answered. Can I get an AMEN???

So knowing now how much I love the SNUGGIE, sorry T., but I do it's pretty much genius, you will imagine my dismay when I found my kids disrespecting it!!!

That's right... first of all, my SON was calling it a dress! A DRESS!!! What the what???

And then...and then...gulp... they put it up against the grim reaper halloween costume of 'O8???

Like the two could even co-exist in the same room!

I hang my head in shame.

Here is the video evidence:

(No children, grim reapers costumes, or Snuggie's were TRULY harmed in the making of this video)

I punished them people... I did. They will NOT be allowed to see the new ICE AGE movie until MSM and I get back from our week long trip!

That will show them.

Questions for the day: Would you wear the Snuggie to work? Would you wear it to church as a dress, somewhat toga style? Would you send me money if I did either of these as a dare??? I kid I kid, I'm a wuss I couldn't do it... but would you send someone money if they actually DID and I got evidence of it? Anybody willing to do it for money?

Okay, talk amongst yourselves.


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