Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No April Fools Joke...My Real Goals!!!

April 1, 2008

Last night I was itching to blog. I had to work late because I had the opportunity to choreograph a dance number for a high school dance company and I had to take time during work to do it...so I had to work late to make up for those hours.

Then my sister-in-law tells me that on CNN she hears there is going to be a truckers strike, today! Since where I live we get A LOT, if not, all of our goods and gas trucked in, I decided I should go to Costco and fill up on Milk, Bread, Meat, and gas, amongst other things...to be prepared for the long haul in case it did happen...I have been slowly building our food storage so we should be okay for at least 3 months if not more...see I have been building it, but organizing it is a whole other can of worms and something I put off with zeal...but I'm thinking I might need to make that a priority sooner, now, then later! I checked on Snopes to see if it was just a rumor and they even said that through their sources it was indeed fact, but should only be for a day, to protest gas prices...but one never knows, and can never be over prepared...plus, I am VERY paranoid...even though it will probably not be like the truckers strike of the the 70's where it brought the "United States Economy to its knees"...I kinda went berserk at Costco and bought enough perishable goods to out last the strike in case the strikers decide to make it longer than a day...at least I hope I did!

So longer story short...I got home late. I ate dinner with PeePs sitting on my lap...totally annoying but also a little endearing since she seemed genuinely excited to see me and just wanted me to "hold you" (toddler talk that means hold me). Ahhh...she missed me...but that also meant I had to eat spaghetti around her...which came out as me spilling and staining her clothes more than she did when she ate herself!

Then I went downstairs to turn on the computer and blog...but to my dismay there was a road block...my husband was on it...

Me: "Hey, hon, can I use the laptop when you get done...I want to blog my weekend".

MountainSport Man: "Sure."

30 seconds pass...

Me: "When exactly?"

MSM: "I am downloading the Adobe Creator Suite CS3 package I bought today for school. It keeps showing an error."

Me: "Great...just our luck!"

MSM: "I know...I tried calling them, but they have normal business hours. So I got online and they show how to make it work, but I tried it and it won't work!"

Me: "Can I try?"

MSM: Gives me a smug look..."Sure have a go at it."

I tried what it said to do...and no go...as I looked closer at the information I was suppose to manually put in I realized there was, what seemed to be, a space I was suppose to put in that I hadn't been putting in before...so I tried it...ah ha! It worked!

Me: "I did it! Go ahead, tell me I'm the Woman!" raising my hands in the air in a raising the roof kind of motion...what?...I was excited...

MSM: "Your the woman..." with that, okay you got me, sexy smile. I love that smile...I need to do more to see that smile often...very, very often!

Me: "Say it again, but with more enthusiasm!"

MSM: "Your the woman! Because now I can do my homework!" done very sarcastically.

Me: "What? How long will that take?"

MSM: "Not sure."

Me: "Great...just great! I have to use that computer to blog because I downloaded the videos I want to put on the blog on that computer, so it's really important (ha) that you let me know when you are done so I can blog."

MSM: "Sure."

As you can see my other half, who is suppose to love and spoil me and bend to my will without question because I am the Queen of his world,...decided that he needed the computer for more important things like homework! As if! Just because he has to do homework to get good grades so that he may one day land the job of our dreams so that I don't have to work anymore...(Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream....Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam---sing that with the old 50's 60's tune by the Everly Brothers), well that is our goal anyway, he should still feed my blog addiction by letting me blog for an hour...or so... :)

You can guess how this story ends...or at least be close...I end up putting the kids to bed, watching "Eragon", and then attempting to watch "Dancing with the Stars" but falling asleep instead. MountainSport Man ends up waking me up and putting me to bed while informing me that he still wasn't done with the lap top...evil, evil, man...he knew I wouldn't fight because I was just too tired...he got me while I was weak...coward! I went to bed and got some much needed sleep, but wasn't able to blog my videos! I promise though you will love them and I will post them as soon as I can today, unless of course, Mr. Hyde decides to do his homework...I mean really...I can't see why he doesn't see the importance of blogging!

I have decided to let you know of my goals I have made for myself instead. What you will find out about me...or I will tell you about myself...is I have great ideas and plans to accomplish talents and dreams I have had, but never follow through. I don't say that with pride, it is just how it is. I want to change that about myself. This is how the process goes. I get a great idea, such as starting a business, then I obsess and talk about it for weeks, or sometimes months, and then I talk myself right out of it...saying things to myself such as, "There are already SO many people doing that" or "what if it doesn't work and I have wasted all that time and effort and people just laugh at me for even attempting such a thing" and so on and so forth...you see what I mean.

I have made 3 personal goals that I will accomplish by the end of this year, I started small.

***1-I want to be able to strum on the guitar while I sing. Don't worry, I don't want to be a professional, it is just something I have always wanted to do...ya know, to be able to pull out the guitar and sing away around the camp fire with my family. Silly I know, but a goal nonetheless.

***2-I want to try my hand at photography again and learn everything I can about Adobe Photoshop. In middle school I took a photography class and LOVED it, but never had money to purchase a camera for myself. Then I just got busy growing up and experiencing life and put other priorities above a small dream, plus I hated the film processing part. Well, I have purchased my first Digital SLR camera and I intend to get every bit of money's worth from it. I figure I can save lots of money if I can get any good at shooting my kids pictures that I usually pay for every year. I am going to attend some community photography classes to help me understand some of the more technical things. I just want to do it as a hobby, something to enjoy, and then who knows from there! My camera is suppose to arrive TODAY...I can't wait! And guess what...you guys get to enjoy watching me ATTEMPT, since I will be posting my photography learning process...ah...lucky you!

***3-This goal has to deal with weight...and that is about all I am going to say about that. Since seeing my debut on ET and KCSG I realize I need more stamina and need to slim down some. Not new news, just more motivating. Although I got a good ab workout by laughing at myself... Don't feel bad you will laugh too when you see it, in fact I demand you let that laugh out, but I'll tell you my thoughts on that some other day cause this post is long enough as it is!

Well Happy April Fool's Day! Lots of Love, Shelle

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