Sunday, March 30, 2008

DCar...the next big Chef!

Okay OKay I get it... NObody has a solution to the bully question...i'll just write it up to one of those unsolvable mysteries!
March 30, 2008

I am all about letting your kids discover what they love to do! DCar LOVES to cook. It was a special time for him and I to cook before Daddy would come home for dinner! Last Christmas DCar even went as far as asking for an "Easy Bake" oven...but he wouldn't let us tell anyone because he was embarrassed it was purple and pink...I'm thinking I might need to send in a letter and tell Easy Bake people to make an Easy Bake Oven for boys and stop the discrimination...down with stereotypes...and all that :)

Well I bought him a kids cook book and he wanted to cook for the whole family. So we picked an Italian dish because that "his favorite kind of food" and baked this wonderful FAKE BAKED ZITI! He was so proud and he did it almost all himself except for when I had to help around the stove! No kidding...the kid has was yummy! I think I will steal that recipe for my quick and easy don't have dinner ready yet, need to get it ready before MountainSport Man comes home from work and has to go to school to work on homework or go to a church meeting, need a 30 minute or less meal...kind of thing!

Seriously can't snap a shot without Peeps whining that she wants one taken of her cause DCar can't do anything without his shadow demanding the same! This could be a problem...but I'll deal with that later...
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