Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hmmm...I never knew! My MESQUITE experience...

March 2, 2008

MountainSport Man and I were invited to go to Mesquite yesterday (Saturday) with a group of my co-workers who, by the way, are all single! They are a lot of fun at work and make the time go by quicker... so when they invited us down there with some other people they know... some married and some single...I thought to myself...Hmmmmm....that might be fun. Of course, I was thinking back to the days when I was single and going to college dances, and a couple of times I went to a clubs and went dancing, and I had LOADS of fun! When I asked MSM if he wanted to go he said, "That might be fun...I use to go clubbing like three times a week with a buddy of mine!" (So he was reminiscing too) sidenote: when making a decision such as this...try NOT to remember the good times from your past as it distorts your decision!!! I told my co-workers that we would be there.

First, we were going to go to the comedy club at the Casablanca hotel and then hit "Club Extreme" at the Oasis afterward. To be honest the comedy club wasn't bad...the Headliner comedian was really funny and if you know me, you know that I love stand up comedy! (I do hate, however, that most stand up comedians don't have the same beliefs as I, so their language leaves much to be desired...these comedians last night were no exception.) Then we head over to the dance club. Let me just note here that I usually hate to go to Mesquite or Vegas for the very fact that I have a low tolerance for cigarette smoke. I think I might be allergic because my throat always gets really itchy and my tongue usually starts burning, as well as, my eyes, and I have an extremely bitter taste in my I hate the offense to those that smoke, that is your perrogative, but for me that is honestly how it is for me. When we walked in first to the comedy club I had forgotten those simple facts and thought to myself, "oh, I'll just get use to it", and throughout the comedy show we were fortunate to not sit by people actually smoking a fresh one, so I just had to deal with the stale smell which I can handle.

When we went to the dance club it was a whole other story. It didn't start off bad mind you...when we first got there (around 9:30-10:00 p.m... by the way, who goes that early to a club? Is it different nowadays? I never went to a dance or a club earlier than 11:00pm, okay wait...a college dance was usually over by midnight so we would get there 10:00-10:30pm...but a dance club? 11:00pm at the earliest!!! oh well...I guess things are different now, but then again...there weren't many people there yet...hmmm...) Well anyhow, like I said, it wasn't bad when we got there... we found a table kind of off to the side and it was all good, the music wasn't all that bad when we first got there either, but since NO ONE was on the dance floor yet, I didn't want to make everyone feel bad with my incredible dance club dance skills so MSM and I just sat and watched. After a while we got up and danced and it was actually fun to dance with my husband...he still has it by the way...and I felt awkward but it eventually came back to me (to other people watching it still could have looked awkward, but to me, I started feeling comfortable, and then I thought to myself, "hey, they are probably drunk and think I am some dance goddess, so let it all go Shelle, let it all go!" lol!) Then as more people they invited came and the place started feeling up with other club goers (around 11:00pm) the place started looking like a fog machine had broken, the place with the dance lights and all; smelled like stale and fresh cigarette smoke, combined with alcohol breath, and sweaty bodies which = CRAP! It seriously started smelling like an outhouse! I started feeling the itch in my throat and my eyes were burning, the bitter taste started in my mouth, so everytime I took a drink of my water, it tasted like bitter iodized rubbing alcohol...NO LIE...I started looking around and I realized that MSM and I were probably the only ones NOT smoking and drinking in the joint...well beside two other people that we went with that didn't smoke...and BEER GOGGLES took on a whole new meaning as I saw it in action while I sat there trying to find some kind of reprieve from the reactions my body was having to the place! My co-workers were telling me to go outside and take a breather and then come back...but I knew myself to well once my body smelled the fresh air it would give me a heart attack, out of pure rebellion, instead of letting me go back in there... so MSM and I, having drove another couple down as their designated drivers, decided to wait it out. Around midnight though, Nevada time one in the morning our time, my lungs were screamy MERCY! I found myself surrounded my people smoking (very nice people I might add) and I couldn't get a breath in that my body wasn't revolting against! I HAD to get out...I found the couple we were suppose to take home and asked if they could see if someone else might be able to get them took a while to find someone since they were drunk and got distracted...but they finally let us know that they were good to go and we could leave if we needed too! I blamed it on being MARRIED and OLD and that I just couldn't stay up any longer and was tired...but really I had to get out before my body went into a seizure to prove a point! (okay so some of the married...old...part was probably true too). The first breath of fresh air was HEAVEN...I finally remembered why it wasn't my thing to frequent those kinds of places when I was SINGLE and dating...I know it is because of my beliefs and the way I was raised, but I have a feeling that even if that wasn't the body would still react the same way not growing up around the smoke!

We got home and both of us literally threw our clothes off...I'm not going to lie, I GAGGED as I re-smelled that crap smell that was on my clothes, I thought about taking a shower but I really was TIRED, so I changed my garments and grabbed my Victoria Secret body spray and sprayed it all over me and through my hair like hairspray and MSM did too, then we had to take our dirty clothes basket and set it outside the door so that I couldn't smell that smell anymore. This morning I woke up and could smell that smell on my body still, like it has absorbed into my skin as punishment! I got up and put our clothes in the washer and anything else my body touched, as well as, FeBreezed anything that couldn't be washed. I had to scrub myself RAW before I realized the smell was probably absorbed into my nose hairs!!! I had to sniff some body spray like a cocaine addict to counteract the other awful smell, not fun..but definitely worth the outcome as I couldn't smell much of anything after that...and to my surprise...I was RELIEVED!!!

So point of my story: I am not cut out for A. Dance clubs that allow smoking, because dancing and second hand smoke just don't mix! ( so that cuts out 99.9% of clubs, so if you actually know of a club that doesn't allow smoking let me know because I really did have fun out there dancing!) B. Staying up to try and have any kind of FUN energy past 10:00pm! (I stay up late quite a bit, since my work schedule messes up my body, but I am usually just laying around or doing something that takes NO ENERGY). I'll admit I am FLABBY, FAT, and LAZY! :) C. Single life... Props to my co-workers for being able to, "party likes its two thousand eight"!

Thanks to Kreg, Mindy and fam for letting our kids sleep over to get our mid-life crisis out of our system...only took me one night to realize I am fine with my mundane life! :)

HMMMM...I NEVER KNEW or had been with people that I knew, drink. It was a different experience for me to say the least.

These pictures following this post have nothing to do with my experience, but I found these and PeePS had taken them...not too bad for a 2 year old maybe she will be a future famous photgrapher! I'll have to teach her that she is not allowed to take pictures of Mom when she has just gotten out of bed!

Yes those are my famous, "all one lenth toes except for the little toe" feet. Guess what...I think DCar has my feet! lol! Poor guy! To be honest...I think my feet are cute...but not many of my loved ones agree...hmmm...should I be offended? nah...what do they know? :)

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