Monday, March 24, 2008

Tough Guys Wear Pink!-My 200th POST!

March 24, 2008

So...DCar as he will be known now... taught me a lesson the other day after picking him up from school, but I have to start at the first! We were shopping at Wally World (Walmart) when we came upon this shirt in the little guy's section. Instantly DCar shouts, "Mom please can I get that shirt, it is so cool!"...(he had another pink shirt that he wore until I HAD to throw it away because it had too many holes and enough stains on it that it looked purposely ti-dyed! His Dad wears pink, his uncles wear pink, so to him...guys wore pink). It wasn't very expensive so I decided that I would get it for the rugrat.

The next morning when I got back from work he already had the shirt on ready to go to school. (In my mind I was thinking, oh boy, I hope he doesn't get teased and his whole world blows up in front of his face in a matter of 2 and 1/2 hours because some stupid kid, very ignorant, kindergartener or WORSE older elementary kids teases him and ruins his idyllic pink wearing world, he'll think the guy's in his life lied to him to for man initiation or heart was already hurting...). I got him his breakfast, he brushed his teeth, we fo-hawked his hair, gave me a quick kiss...and practically skipped all the way to school...He was SOOOO excited to wear that shirt. I didn't have the heart to warn him about kids that might tease him and be rude because they didn't know that it was okay for boys to wear pink...that it wasn't a color designed just for girls...that guys actually look really GOOD in pink, especially with a tan and jeans and flip-flops...yummy...sigh...oh sorry, I'm getting carried away I opted to not say anything and see how things went.

I picked DCar up from school and had to talk to his teacher about treats for DCar's birthday. When we were done discussing the teacher said, "Oh by the way, DCar was teased today a little for his pink shirt".

I was like, "Oh, okay..."--um...what do you say to that?

DCar was already in the van so I got in and turned around to talk to him. Amazingly he was smiling at began my lesson...

"So how was your day?"

"It was awe-some". he said, still smiling.

I very slowly asked, "Did anyone say anything about your shirt?"

He loses his smile and says, "Yea".

My heart breaks a little and I softly say, "What did they say?"

He looks me straight in the eye, very brave like and says, "They called me an idiot for wearing a pink shirt".

Now my mother instincts start and I can feel the heat of my temper starting to take hold and I am thinking of different ways I can find these kids and teach them an early lesson on the famous saying, if you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything at all, and I wasn't going to be very nice about it...I asked, "What did you do?"

He shrugs his shoulders and says, "Nothing. I don't care what they think, my shirt is cool, so I just walked away! They use to be my friends, they are in Mrs. Miller's class, but now they are not my friends."

Ah-ha I thought...Mrs. Miller's class...well that narrow's it down to about 30 something was it boys or girls that said it? Hmmm...I wonder if it is girls if I will be a little more lenient with my intended corporal punishment for saying anything mean to my little boy? Nah...they all deserve the I continued, "Didn't you want to call them idiot or at least say something mean back?"

He looks at me with his BIG BLUE eyes, crinkled slightly at the corners, with a look of disgust on his face and says, "Mom, that isn't what Jesus would do!"

That was it...what else was there to say! I want to take credit for his young wisdom, but I simply can't. Instantly my plan for revenge on the kids was gone and replacing it was pride. That was serioulsy one of the best moments ever! My question is: Who's parenting who?

The famous shirt! He wear it at least once a week...more if I wash it more!

I have no idea what PeePs is doing here...she looks posessed!

PS>my was flagged for looking like potential blog spam...? huh? Anyhow, I hadn't switched it over yet so they assumed maybe that I was using it for whatever? Well, it takes four days for them to review the blog and then it is opened for I have to wait 4 days to switch it over...I'll let you know when!
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