Friday, March 21, 2008

Date with Mom and Dad

March 18, 2008

Well we have decided that Birthday Parties are just TOO expensive to have every year! So MountainSport Man and I have made the decision that on their EVEN birthday's, they get a date with us where they get to choose where they eat and what activity we do! So DCar LOVED the idea! For dinner he chose to go to Samari 21 (a sushi and Steak place). Then he wanted ice cream, which was fine with MSM because he has been craving "Golden Spoon" since it came to town. DCar then wanted to see Spiderwick Chronicles. I was way tired and we had a late they opted to take me home because I was SO tired from work and not enough hours of sleep (my bed was sounding so delightful) and then MSM and DCar went to the LATE show...DCar felt so big! He kept saying the next day, "Thank you Mom for coming on my date with me!" He loved it!

Here we are at dinner!

They brought a Chocolate cheesecake for his birthday! He was so excited!

Doesn't that look sooo good! I finished eating my steak and the little brat had eaten ALL the cheesecake!
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