Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who's my favorite this week?

Okay...So watching David Archuletta last night was liking watching a train wreck...I didn't want to watch after he messed up the words for the second time, but I couldn't help I watched as he crashed and burned...My heart hurt so bad for him, I wanted to bundle him up in my arms and tell him it was all okay...not everybody was raised on the Beatles and it is very nerve racking when you are not totally confident with the song...shall we have a moment of silence? he will not be posted on this posting, but you can watch his sad (shaking my head) sad performance, but I will not do him the dishonor of posting it on my blog!

But on a lighter were the best of the night!!! I'm still partial to the same top that I had last week, excluding David Archuletta of course. (I'm going to admit this, even though I don't want to because out of the 12 he's probably my least favorite, but Chikieze did good this week!)

Brooke White: Let It what a talent!

Carly Smithson: Come Together

David Cook: Eleanor Rigby

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