Monday, March 10, 2008

Hiking the Red Hill-Family TIME!

March 9, 2008
MountainSport Man and the rugrats wanted to go hike around the red hill! MSM having not grown up in St. George loves doing things like this...I'm sorry to say that it's not my favorite thing to do (seeing how that was something guys would do when we went out on dates!), but I wanted to go and be with the fam...It was actually fun...and I loved seeing my monkeys crawl and hike all over those red hills! I wanted to be cool and show them the Narrows...but they seemed to have dissappeared I swear...where I thought they were, there was like a built chimney thing instead...weird...Does anyone know where they went? Hmmm...I must have just forgot where they were or something! Anyhow we ended up having a lot of fun!

PeePs had to point at something like her brother!

My kids love the temple! Everytime we pass by the temple the radio goes off and we have to sing, "I love to see the temple"! It's great! So DCar had to point the temple out!

I got in on the action!

Look at the little girl go!

Look what we found!

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