Monday, March 10, 2008

My New Favorite Stuff-Go BUY it you won't regret it!

March 10, 2008
This post is rated PG-13, may not be suitable information for all audiences...young-uns! :) LOL! Although my little boy loves putting this stuff on...just to taste it! :)
Hello Body WHIP! You rub this on your skin and it moisturizes but that's not the cool thing...the cool thing is that it tastes good!!! That's right ladies and not only smell good putting this on, but it feels good to your skin and it tastes YUMMY!!! Even better is you don't have to put your fake wig on with your enormously huge sunglasses and black trench coat to go and buy this purchase at some RISK-AY can walk into your nearest VICTORIA'S SECRET and get this fantastic stuff! Plus, there new lip glosses lasts a lot longer on your lips than normal lip gloss...believe me I know, I have tried LOTS AND LOTS of lip glosses, it ALSO tastes yummy! My only question is...WHERE WAS THIS STUFF WHEN I WAS DATING??? My poor husband (because that's the ONLY guy I ever made out with...wink,wink) had to taste my nasty body splash and perfume that I put on to go out with him so I would smell really yummy...too bad for him it tasted nasty!!!
So I bought the Appletini body WHIP and I love it...oh and so does my husband!!! :)

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