Friday, March 21, 2008

Who's lips R more perfect?

After MountainSport Man and I started dating and being comfortable with each other we have had this..well this...for lack of a better word...a disagreement. I don't remember how or why it started or why we even keep it up, well I know why I keep it up...because it keeps things interesting and it bugs him, :), but anyhow before I get carried away...

MountainSport Man and I have this disagreement where he thinks his lips are more perfect and I believe my lips are more's so funny...but then its not...shouldn't he just say my lips are more perfect than his by default? He should want to always please me, right? (I mean secretly his lips are perfect...perfectly kissable to me)...anyway,to my advantage, MSM decided to take up Mountain Biking when we moved down here and his second ride out he went on a technically advanced ride (not knowing it was advanced) and fell, tumbled, and biffed it down the mountain and cut his lip open. It had to be butterflied closed. MSM now admits that I have the most perfect lips in all the Blok world...(because of his scar on his lips) yes! Success at last!

He has taken that title away from me...evil man... his reason being, a few weeks ago, as you have probably seen in the last few posts, I had an ugly cold sore on the side of my PERFECT lips. Well it has finally gone away...and just when I was suppose to regain my title of MOST PERFECT LIPS, my retarded and dumb body decided to curse me AGAIN with mouth herpes on my lips! AGAIN!!! SUCKS, SUCKS, AND ROYALLY SUCKS...So now I have to live a week or so more before I regain my title...and not touch the ugly thing in hopes of not getting a herpes scar! Oh and no kissing until its gone...did I mention it sucks?

Whomever kissed me when I was young, because I have had this for as long as I can remember, and passed this horrible disease on to me...well you are...a bad, bad person. That is all I have to say!

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