Saturday, March 15, 2008

Get in line...I'm FAMOUS! LOL!

March 14, 2008

Okay so don't be shy...I haven't forgotten about the little people...all of you friends and family that I love can get an autograph without standing in line! Autograph for what you say?...I, Shelle Blok, humble Mom and Wife, was cast as an extra on a workout video (hand over my heart...bowing my head) is that laughing I hear??? Rude...that is not very nice! Not fit enough to be in a work out video you say?...Should I be offended?...well actually you are right...their concept was to get people that were average or normal every day people (boy do I fit that description) and show them that they could learn ballroom, exercise, and have fun by buying the Cardio Ballroom workout videos starring LOUIS VAN AMSTEL from Dancing With The Stars! So they didn't cast fitness buffs and those that had perfect bodies...but they cast people more like ME...I probably should be offended, but the truth hurts! :) Anyhow...DCar's friend Carson, who's Mom is Kate, who is my friend and an exceptional Marketing guru...was the person that asked me to be in the video. For a ask...and I usually have a hard time saying NO! With all of my insecurites of myself...I still didn't have the heart to tell her that I couldn't do, as she said, "I won't take NO for an answer"! It didn't pay much and I don't get any further royalites off of it, but I have to admit I was totally nervous the night before knowing that getting in "SPIN" classes all week wasn't going to magically turn my shape into Jessica Alba's. I was feeling a lot insecure and a lot embarrassed that at this time and age in my life I was going to allow myself to be recorded for however many people decided to watch, buy, and use these workout videos and would see me in my idea of a not so perfect shape!

My day also started off with my alarm not going off!!! Luckily my husbands alarm was set for 7:00am, which was the time I was suppose to be at the shoot! I was a little late, but still surprisingly enough, a few others must have had the same problem! I started chatting with the other extras aka normal, average, everyday people and found out that this might be alot of fun!!! To top it off...Chad (Maria's Nelson Dopp's cousin) worked with the production company and Ashley Nelson Clark was our Make-Up girl (who was incredible)! So I started feeling more comfortable and more at home! Louis Van Amstel was so friendly and down to earth! He made us feel so comfortable and at ease the whole time and I soon forgot that we had camera's and crew filming us and started to really enjoy and get into his ballroom workouts! To make a really long story short...I am happy I was asked to do the video and meet these fantastic people and I am so glad I did it! Entertainment tonight was there filming also so you might see me on TV during this season of Dancing with the Stars! I'm not sure when...but we were able to do that "HI ET" thing! Oh and I was interviewed for the local news station here in St. George...LOL! So see...I'm famous...I'm going to have to get an agent for all the people that will be asking me to be an extra in their workout videos! LOL! Enjoy the pics!

Here's a look at the production behind the scenes kind of thing!

Look who the make-up girl was! Hi ASHLEY!!!

Here's Louis taking some still shots!

The disco crew! Okay so why did I have to be put by the two FITTEST people???

We are like best friends now...LOL...okay so Louis a really good sport!

Mike and I had to have been really good friends up in heaven or something! He has one of those really fast and witty personalities that I can't help but feed off of! We were crackin' jokes right and left! We had obviously done a few workouts before we took these pictures, and I don't drink red bull but we were being goofy! We were joking about anything from our kids to being "FAMOUS"...but mostly about my herpes making all those people out there that get cold sores feel comfortable when watching the Cardio Ballroom Exercise video! LOL! Everybody there, however, made it so much fun! I'm glad I had the opportunity to do it!

Here we are supposedly doing our "drink Party" picture, but I look more like I'm singing!!! LOL! Looks like Mike has had more practice! :)

Here is all of the extra's with Louis in the middle with RED on (the white guy)!

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