Thursday, March 20, 2008

DCar's Big Day!

March 18, 2008

So a little tradition we started for Slayde when he was two. We buy a bunch of balloons and set them all over in his room to wake up to in the morning! When he was two he ran into our bedroom at like 7 in the morning and was so excited and made us as parents feel like we had succeeded in this constant battle of parents vs. kids! But now he sleeps in like a teenager and I have to go in and wake him up and he just looks up to make sure that we haven't forgotten the balloons, but is now feeling too old to make such a fuss!

And Jaksyn is just mad that she has to wake up too, because she usually sleeps in even longer than Slayde!

For All of my paid friends who say that I never take a bad picture...ha...I have proof that I definitely don't look good in the morning, especially with the cold sore still taking a vacation on my face and my double chin rearing its ugly head, and I do take a bad picture...many of them, but luckily now a days we have digital cameras and we can just delete the ones we don't like...I do A LOT of deleting!!!

First gift a success...Legos!!!

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More Lego's! He needs enough to build something! And something to put them in!

This card was from the Stoddards! So cute and Slayde loved it so much!

Jaksyn kept saying all day long, "My birthday party tomorrow mom", so I had to take this picture because she wanted to help open everything and help read the cards and couldn't get close enough to Slayde through the whole thing! I just love how Slayde is totally oblivious to his little shadow!

Okay so here is the clothes...but he doesn't really care about those things...he wants to open the Legos and get started! Boys, Boys, Boys!

Mammy's gift! So handsome!

That's right...that says MOON SHOES...we are the COOLEST parents! LOL!

Mammy had gotten Jaksyn a little something and she allowed Jaksyn to open it during Slayde's "open gift time" and was so excited!

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