Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our Practical Purchase

March 5, 2008

MountainSport Man and I have been looking for a second car since we have moved down here. Actually I told MSM that he had to be the one that found the vehicle, called on it, and made the deal to purchase it...(there is a reason behind that, but it is a LONG story and if you are curious enough then ask me and I'll tell you)...anyway, he kept changing his mind about what he wanted. We knew we wanted to be able to afford it so we were looking a less expensive cars, he wanted a small truck so that he could take it snowboarding and mountain biking, then he wanted a motorcycle...whatever! I just wanted a vehicle that got him from point A to point B safely and looked decent and would last longer than a few months! I was getting sick of picking him up and dropping him off everywhere...sometimes it was downright inconvenient! It so happened that our niece Kalli decided to get a really cool Nissan Xterra and needed to get rid of her Honda we bought it because she was so COOL and SWEET and gave us a really good deal on it! She took very good care of it and we are stoked to finally have a second vehicle! YEA US!!!

This is a big FEAT for MSM and I because our history with purchasing vehicles has never been very practical! So we made a HUGE step in our progress of being more practical with our purchases!

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