Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fun at the NEW playground!

March 8, 2008

DCar played a basketball game this morning and got one basket in! He was so proud! Especially because his Grandma Viv and Grandpa Ty were there to see him along with Zack, Haylee, and Aunt Mindy! Afterward, DCar's best friend Carson came over and played and we ended up getting a Little Caesar's pizza and going over to the BIG new playground here in St. George! They love it because it is so BIG! I thought I would take a picture of how BIG it is...they have a water part of the playground that will be fun when it gets warmer down here!

If you look through the opening there you will see MountainSport Man helping PeePs across the Monkey Bars! I'm not sure who the other kid is standing there! :)

Looking at the park this is the Right side of it...the main play area!

This is the Left side of it...and further left is the water part...with tennis and basketball courts and a volleyball pit! So very cool! Also the eating area's are covered along with the benches for the spectators, nice touch!

PeePs is our little Monkey...she loves hanging on things. When we went to this park the day before with Grandpa Ty and Grandma Viv, I had to help her across these things plenty of times!!! She loves to hang on things!

Here's my two dirty faced chillen'(children)! It was very windy!

Ahhhh...cute! See I was with them at the park...I'm just always behind the lens! I prefer it that way!

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