Monday, April 21, 2008

I hope someone can find a cure...I have it bad!

As you can probably tell from the Element above my posts, I have fallen in love with these UNWORDS! I think they are hilarious. Well, I was looking for my F unword of the day and I came upon this one, which totally describes my condition, here it is and here is my story:

FIMS (fĭms)
a. (acro.) Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome.
Example: My boyfriend has a bad case of the FIMS

I can't wait until they find a cure for this disease, because I have it bad! I wrote this section in my "Why? I just don't get it...really I don't" article, and my most awesomest of friends...her, them, and especially them, and I know they would have, had they been able to make it, proceeded to quote this section out of the post, not word for word, lol:

"Through the 1st semester of classes I had noticed that she didn't have many
friends and so I decided that I would try to see if I could budge her wall she
had set up around herself. If you know me you'll understand I thrive on
challenges such as these. I really do LOVE to get to know people...I'm not just
saying that, I really do...I really, really do... especially ones that people
feel either intimidated by or think are to different to get to know...I love to
see if I can connect somehow with them and become their friend...Most of the
time I find people become mean out of fear of being rejected or seem shut off
because they are really just extremely shy...they want to talk to everyone, but
they just can't seem to physically."

So there is where I put my foot in my mouth...this example is not that extreme, but I have LOTS of, more extreme, experiences with this syndrome, and believe me, I have gotten to the point where I just keep my foot there, in my mouth, and though it is embarrassing when people stop me and say, "Hey, did you know your foot is in your mouth?" I just shake my head up and down furiously and hold up my sign that says, "Better this way, then people know what to expect right from the beginning, they won't be as surprised or offended, in some cases, that I said, what I said, to get my foot in my mouth in the first place". Then those people who made such an obvious observation as my foot being in my mouth just give me that---Wow, that girls messed up---kinda look and we go about our seperate ways. Believe's much better this way!

This is how the conversation went:

Them: "Shelle, we were laughing reading the one part where you wrote how you make it a challenge to become friends with those that don't have friends! My husband and I thought, 'Oh THAT'S the reason she became friends with us'! hahahaha!"

The rest of them join in: "Oh yea!" hahahah "we thought the same thing!" hahahaha!

Me: Jump up and down, hand in my mouth, little squeaks, and then, "Oh my gosh! I didn't even think about it that way!" my cheeks start to pinken, "that's totally how it sounded! I'm such a retard, I didn't even think that, of course, it would be taken that way!" hahaha! I think to myself, duh, Shelle, you are seriously such a dork when you try and explain yourself. (When trying to explain myself in my blog, is what I mean by that).

I couldn't explain myself properly when I was with them because I felt so sheepish to say the REAL reason why I was friends with them and, of course, I had my foot in my mouth so they probably wouldn't have understood me anway. Plus, they would have thought me a stalker...and I'm not...that bad anyway! :)

I would like to explain myself now. With these particular friends, and believe me, this applies to them and my friends who I would lay down my life for, to help them in any way, shape, or form...and YOU should know who you are! At least I hope you do! I want to say, you were a challenge to me but in a totally different way then the way I explained in my bully post!

There are some people you meet in your life that have this aura about them! It's beautiful and addicting and I am like a, bug drawn to the light, when I meet these people. I think everyone has the ability to see this about certain people, so let me try to explain...this is how it usually goes for me:

I see a person either at church, in the neighborhood, or a function where
I might see them quite a bit. I watch these people and,
in most cases, people are just attracted to them! They
give off this wonderful confidence or they give off a friendly and
encompassing vibe that can be so addicting! I am usually scared out of my
mind to go and introduce myself, but I can't help myself, I HAVE to get to
know them, it's like my spirit is telling me that I will benefit from being
friends with them...gosh, this is harder to explain then I thought it would
be. It may sound cheesy, but I actually believe I knew them before I came
to this earth and I believe also that we were I feel like I am drawn
to them! I will admit that I am a person that has been
blessed with A LOT of friends, but there are very few people that I
can really call my CLOSE friends. They are those people that you can be
gone from them for A LONG time and when you get together again, you feel like
nothing has changed, (besides a few wrinkles on my part anyway,and a few
more kids!
) They are those friends that you can call up last minute and
tell them you are going to the zoo and they try their darndest to come, and
some of them actually drop what they are doing and come with you, or they have a
really good reason why they can't...and you believe them because you absolutely
love them to death and know they would've been there if they could've come!

This definitely explains these friends I hung out with this last weekend! I LOVE them to death! I miss them terribly! And they have become a BIG part of who I am, even though some I have only known for a short time! Their shining examples of how to be gracious, kind, unjudgemental, and funny...oh most definitley funny...I am laughing my butt off most of the time I am with them...If I let them get a word in edgewise (wink, wink)!!!

So even though it may seem that I am trying to back track and make up for putting my foot in my mouth...I truly DO feel this way about them and those of you who hopefully know I hold dear to my heart...and the foot isn't going to come out anytime there is no use backtracking for me anyway, because it will get shoved right back in, in no time at all...which is another reason why I love my CLOSE friends...because they accept me for who I am...foot in mouth and all!!!

Lots of Love, Shelle

P.S. We flew up North for the day and went to go visit Grandma Viv and Grandpa Ty and found out that Grandpa Ty was in the hospital again for staff infection in his knee. He didn't like me taking pics of him sick in bed...but I got this great shot of my mother-in-law...isn't she beautiful!

Then we got to go to the zoo! Our main purpose of flying up for the day!
Here are the friends that came to the zoo with us! Then the others met us for dinner!
An albino alligator...not cute...these are one of my fears...drowning and dying from one of these yucky things...alligator or croc they both scare me!
This is one of the coolest animals the BLACK cool and they look so cuddly and gentle...but don't worry I have seen them in action on the Discovery Channel...they are powerful also!

DCar is so cute in his hate! He's such a boy now...crazy!

This is Pace...Isn't he handsome! Such a fun kid too...I love their family!

Here's Peeps looking at the Elephants on top of Dad's Head! That was her favorite spot because apparently, "My legs hurt mommy, I not walk!"

This is Tal...He's our friends second child...he is absolutely adorable...They kept saying that he was their terror child...but sorry to break it to you guys...he was an angel!!!

So we had a great time! I am posting some of the other pics I took on my Plush Moments site...when I get time...because as you know I had to take hundreds of pictures!!!

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