Monday, April 7, 2008

Girls Weekend...oh no what did you do?

Shout out to my Dad who's Birthday was on the 5th! Keep truckin' on!!! LOVE YOU!

April 4-5, 2008

Okay so my sister's came down this weekend and usually we have a great conference weekend scrapping together ALL Day long! We love talking and going to lunch and dinner together! But I had to have this great idea of making my Mom's life dream of organizing ALL of her thousands of pictures (I'm not joking, 41 years of marriage and 6 kids adds up to lots and lots and thousands and thousands of pictures)...which are not digital, and organize the pictures by year, and then scan the suckers in. was a under state it, and we didn't even get close to getting a 1/4 of the way done...but we managed to have a fun weekend anyway!
Note to self: Keep FABULOUS ideas, especially charitable acts, to self.

Well I was really excited to show off my new camera and when my oldest sister, Dance Master, got here I busted out the new toy and shot away...unfortunatley that brought about some very mature behavior from her...this is what I got...

"Hey Shelle get me now..."

Here she is blowing the vacuum in her face and laughing at what she believes to be totally hilarious behavior! (Okay I did laugh, because her laugh is infectious)

PeePs hates the sound of vacuums period...

And still she is laughing at herself...

We did a 4.01K together to start out Saturday! You know how when you jog, after a certain point, the pain starts subsiding and you can run pretty comfortable for a while? Well that never came this time...I hadn't ran for a good month and my lungs burned the WHOLE time! Gotta love my sisters for suckering me into this...actually I really like it, but don't tell them!

Then it was time for our project...this picture was taken right at the you can barely see the carpet let alone the folders!

Here is my MountainSport Man...he was on kid duty during my Girls weekend! He pulled all the weeds out of the front yard...which was an amazing feat! Thanks hon! Here he is in his sexy beard...which I love on him...and of course, PeePs had to HELP dad pull weeds...she can't seem to give me a straight face anymore...over half of her photos she has this face she pulls? is PeePs progression of playing in the dirt, pretending to pull weeds...

This is PeePs' first "check in with Mom" visit...not bad...just red from running around and being in the sun...MountainSport Man did remember to put sunscreen on...good man.

This is second visit with show me the bug she found...but she did have some dirt on her cheek!

Dirt check on right side of face...left side when looking at the picture!

This is how she came in before I told MountainSport Man to clean her up! Can we say sad, poor, child!

This is how he decides to get them clean...It's creative to say the least...okay so most Dads or really tired Mom's at one time or another have used this works, let's face it!

DCar is showing off...he's dancing and trying to be was pretty entertaining!

All better now!

We went to Ruby River and had my favorite, Steak and Potatoe's! Dance Master got way dehydrated from the whole day and ended up doing something in the bathroom that I dare not describe...but we had a good time!

I think MountainSport man wanted to punish me...him being with the kiddo's and rugrats all day, I think he was out for revenge. You have to understand that from the first of our marriage, MountainSport Man loves to do little tricks to me to keep the marriage "alive"...I personally don't think they are necessary, but he seems to think they are mandatory to a marriage! Rotten things such as; pouring ice cold water on me while I am taking a shower, or farting right before I get into the covers at night, or things such as what you are going to see below...NOT!

Here is my handsome man as I left him before dinner, rugged, sexy to me in all ways! Love, love him...aaaah, kinda feeling ya know, (like what a nice guy for taking on everything that he did today...I love him so much...kind of thoughts)! Then....

THIS is what I come home too! PEDRO what? I can't take him serious at all like that...nothing turns me off more... :), but he seems to think its hilarious, and he's confident enough in himself to think it's HOT! He was disciplining DCar yesterday and I just started laughing because he looks ridiculous! But whatev...he is the one that has to try and pull it off on the college campus! Good Luck...I think your adoring college girl fans might look the other way...I guess we will see...uuuggghhh, spit, just gives me a bad taste in my mouth!

All in good fun I guess...wake me up when the nightmare ends! lol!

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