Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Scooter it up!

I worked on Goal #3 I am trying to do every Wednesday through Saturday, but PeePs slept in...thank the heavens above...

After having to wake up at 3:15am by my cell phone to try and get to work by 4am...but somehow being able to dismiss the alarm in my sleep and not remembering that I did it, then suddenly waking up out of deep sleep frightful that I have missed something very important...looking at the clock...realizing that I slept through my cell phone alarm and MountainSport Man's own massage (keep bugging Shelle until she grunts, throws limbs around trying to hit annoying man behind her, then toss covers off of her in a temper and toss body pillow over annoying mans head to let him know how bugged Shelle is) sort of alarm...frantically and begrudgingly I wake up, throw my hair back, slip into favorite sweat pants that need to be desperately washed and one of MountainSport Mans long sleeved cotton shirts for comfort (because at 4am I need that warmth and comfort, and the smell of MSM gives me that...creepy I know, but one does what one has to, to go to work so early and miss waking up to such a gorgeous face, minus the less than perfect lips!) and fly out of the house at warped speed to clock in at 5:15am, almost two hours later than planned.

Luckily I work on a flexible schedule so I am only late for what I set for myself to get the needed amount of hours in to keep benefits and be at home with my kids during the day!

After all that...PeePs slept in and so I slept in after I got back from work...and because I slept in I missed my window of working out at the Rec Center because they only have the day care open for a certain about of time. I had slept pass that time and therefore couldn't go and run on the treadmill or workout on Mr. Elliptical (he's not going to be very happy with me)!

I wasn't going to let that mess up my streak of working out 4 times a week that I have been so good (after checking to see if I had, by some miracle, surpassed my 7 comment hump by noon...I hadn't, well not truthfully, Thanks Kiss for're a dork and I love it, but I don't think commenting one word at a time counts)... I gathered up the brats and had them get their scooters and we rode over to the track...well I jogged. PeePs' princess scooter, a three-wheeler one, I noticed...kinda...well, really sucked. So I told her that if she would be good at the track for Mom while Mommy jogged her two miles, then I would get her a new scooter.

We can have a discussion about spoiling your kids another time, but I was happy to do this for her, especially after she refused to ride her scooter anymore because, "Mom, I no ride my scooter, my legs not work on it!"...I'm sorry but she just deserves it, I mean her legs don't work with the one she has...I HAD to offer the new one, in order to bribe her to be good so I could get my workout in, all right I didn't have to, but it just felt so good!

To my surprise...literally, BOTH of my kids ran at least 2 times around the track and walked another 2 alongside me...during warm up and cool down! They were amazing...I was impressed and proud as a Momma Bear!!! They either sat and watched me the rest of the time or they played whatever they play on the stadium stairs...I know, I'm lucky! We threw a frisbee around and kicked the ball we brought for awhile...then we headed home and took showers and went to Wally World Walmart to look for a girlie scooter and DCar got to pick out a movie that was on Sale...all was right and happy on our BLOK!!!

So I knew you wanted to see this well earned scooter of PeePs'. She thought she was Queen Bee for sure!

Yea it's a Barbie Scooter because there wasn't a princess one.

It was so warm yesterday...PeePs was sportin' her tank top!

MSM helping out, as is his norm!

My brats are competitive towards each other, but DCar is always nice to "let" PeePs win!

DCar was showing me some air! I started this from scratch and did the cool effect...or I think its cool...on photoshop all by my lonesome, well except for the color...I boosted it by applying the PW Actions again....but the effects are all my own!

I'll post the rest of the pictures on my Photography blog...some before and afters...always fun to see the difference!

P.S. Here is my favorite Idol performance of this week...sorry about Carly...I thought it was Syesha for sure...but I was wrong...oh well! Archuletta I love your voice...but Cook's song choice and the way he sang it...well, it gave me the tingles!

David Cook, "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera.

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