Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yellow date or not to date?

The other day I was casually talking to a good friend and co-worker of mine and we got discussing about him going to a concert with a particular girl he has been friends with, which then turned into a discussion on what is a deal breaker when dating someone? You'll understand as you read further.

I said to him, "What I think is a deal breaker is mean and I shouldn't say it so I won't". He responded something like, "Oh come on just tell me". He didn't have to twist my arm to much to get it out of me, because the information was sitting on my shoulders weighing me down with its vain and shallowness!!! Even though it was against my better judgement, I told him, that a deal breaker to decide whether I wanted to date someone or not, when I was dating, was most definitely someone's teeth. I have a fascination with teeth. When I first meet someone I automatically look at their mouth, smile, teeth...all at once. If a guy had yellow teeth or jacked up teeth, then sorry it was a no go for me.

Instantly I was pounced upon by my coworkers telling me how shallow I was. I mean I guess it is, but that is my opinion. I told them, "When choosing to date someone, you want to choose someone you are attracted to and most definitely can kiss...I can't kiss someone with yellow teeth"! One of my co-workers said, "You can, you just won't". I made a disgusting face and responded in a horrified voice, "NO, I physically cannot make myself kiss somebody with funky looking yellow just gives me a sick feeling inside...I honestly don't think I could help it!" Then I turn the question on them and say, "You are telling me that if someone had noticeable yellow teeth, we are not talking about slight dis-coloration here, we are talking about full blown, they smile, you notice, yellow teeth...corn yellow, yellow, yellow. You would be okay with dating them? Kissing them?" They told me straight up that they wouldn't have a problem with it.

I then was so appalled that I was the only one in that group that thought that! Is something wrong with me? I guess I AM shallow! Luckily I found my one and only, because I didn't want to have to overcome that shallowness by trial and error... I'm not talking about being friends with someone, or my opinion changed about people if they had yellow teeth. I'm just talking about dating someone, ya know, someone you think is potential husband or wife material. I don't think people are bad or necessarily ugly just because they have bad teeth...but come would make a beautiful person even MORE gorgeous if their teeth were whiter or pretty to look at...would it not? For example...I got these pictures off a google search on Philly Dentistry Website:

See what I mean...

So I took my own in-office poll. Okay, I really just asked another group of people. They told me that it would be a deal breaker...unless, oh yes there is an "unless" the girl had a nice chest and/or a nice bum. Hmmm...I thought about that for a minute...I guess if the guy had a REALLY nice body...I mean Matthew McConaughey, kind of body, and the looks to go with it, I might go out with him on a first date and see if he was up to getting his teeth whitened! That's so bad, but so true!

So anyway, on the left hand side of my blog I have put up a POLL, so click and let me know what your opinion is...or leave a comment...but telling me I'm vain and shallow is out because I have already heard it first person and I don't need to be reminded! :)

Lots of Love, Shelle

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