Saturday, April 5, 2008

No! Peeps don't open that!!!

Isn't having your children potty trained kind of a love/hate thing? I mean to be perfectly honest, with boys it's just a love thing...boys can potty anywhere! With DCar if he needed to go to the bathroom we would find the most secluded piece of dirt and let him have at it, or if we were standing in the Hollywood Tower of Terror line at Disneyland's California Adventure Park we finished our water bottle, and stood around him, and let him "try and fill the bottle", (we had to make a game of it to help him get over the stage fright, think about know what I mean) was wonderful!

But's a whole other story. You would think with me being a girl that I would remember that girls make everything just a little more difficult when it comes to bathroom anything...(hey know it's true, don't deny it)...pulling over to the side of the road basically, sucks, with PeePs! Sure I can hold her and help her try and doesn't help that she absolutely refuses to go anywhere but on a toilet, so we have to have DCar show her its okay, and then she ends up getting it all over the one holding her!

I had another wonderful experience with PeePs while at Target the other day. She had to go to the bathroom immediately after we get there and get her settled in the basket and we take off at warp speed passing by the bathroom sign, she innocently points and says, "Mommy I have to pee!"...BOOM, instantly my patience is gone...(why does she wait until I get her all settled?) but I get her out of the cart and take her to the bathroom, just in case this is serious (DCar will NOT enter a Women's bathroom so he stayed outside to "watch the cart" it was going somewhere? Gotta love his pride...gets it from his Dad!)

She sits down to go to the bathroom and she has the same process everytime. First she has to take off ALL of her clothes from the waste down...I still don't understand that...anyhow, then she has to after the ABC song, TWINKLE-TWINKLE, and her new favorite, the SIGNING TIME theme song, she goes pee. After having to wait through that whole process I end up having to go pee too... so I sit and go to the bathroom and, of course, she encourages me to sing. I just chuckle and say that mommies don't have to sing when they pee. She insists, so I appease her and sing, "I like big butts"--okay just kidding I didn't...I showed her who was boss and didn't sing. I get done and stand up to pull up my pants, but first... I have to fix my garments, well by that time PeePs had flushed the toilet for me and opened the door...imagine me with my shirts above my chest, my chin holding up my shirt, my legs spread out, and me bending over to get my pants to pull them up...Hey stop laughing this is a serious situation here...well, when you can finally see through your tears ...imagine being the Target employee who got to see that pretty sight through the mirror! OH I feel so bad for her...I know it was NOT a pretty sight...she is going to have to pay for major therapy! I scream, "No, PeePs don't..." but it was too late...the damage was done.

So potty training a girl to go to the bathroom for me is a love/hate sort of thing! I never had to worry about her opening the bathroom door before being potty trained because I wouldn't have had to go to the bathroom in the first place at Target...I try to avoid public bathrooms if I can...

Lots of Love, Shelle

PS-David Archuletta and Michael Johns were my favorite for this last week! I do hate how people are saying that David Archuletta can only sing one way...HELLO...don't know if you have noticed but they all only sing ONE way...David Cook sings sexy rock, Michael Johns sings his way, Brooke White sings slow and plays an instrument...more like Jewel or someone like that-They all have their own comfort zone, their own sound, and they all sound better doing it that way...they all sound awkward doing it any other way! So that is all I have to say about that!

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