Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday-want some extra $$$?

I have changed the rules since this morning...I realized some stuff and some people mentioned things to come join the fun...ya know you want to!

While blog surfing I realized that lots of people have a WordLess Wednesday, but since I love listening to myself think and talk too much, that doesn't work for me, so I have a WORD FILLED Wednesday.

I have to tell you first of all what brought me to this idea before I say what it is. I am an avid watcher of "Oprah's Big Give", I LOVE it, I love the concept, I have loved watching the creativity of the contestants, and I am a sucker for feel good, heartfelt, hopeful shows, and "Oprah's Big Give" is definitely all of, it adds a dash of Reality Drama because real, unperfect, people are a part of it! Anyhow, I watch that show and I always wish I had more money, energy, and creativity to help people out, I do some, but not enough. The show has given me some great ideas though. I would love to walk into a gas station and tell the attendant that I will pay for the next however many cars to fill their cool would that be?

But in the spirit of giving I have decided to try and "pay it forward". I realize that with the thousands of blogs out there that this might not be very original, but I thought I would try it. I love how people hold contests on their blogs to give away money and things. I am a big believer of "free" stuff, plus I just want to do this because in reality I am a BIG word geek and this will make me happy. I LOVE anything that deals with words...spelling, puzzles, and games, and one of my FAVORITE word game/puzzle is doing Anagrams! That's right anagrams. I love having a word that has been mixed around and getting to figure out how many other words I can get out of the letters used and trying to figure out the actual word or phrase that was anagrammed...(not sure if anagrammed is a word...but it sounds good in this particular sentence, okay...just looked it up on and found out that indeed anagrammed is a word).

So we are going to have our own little anagram game, just for the heck of it, where I am going to give a VISA or MASTERCARD gift certificate away, because I know that you need a little motivation in order to make the effort to I right? It's only going to be a $25.00 value (start small)...but hey, if your good or just plain need $25.00 because you don't feel like giving plasma this week, or you need to drive to the other side of town and $25.00 will get you that far, or you need a money to help with going out to dinner to get away from it all, or you just plain need formula, wipes, or diapers then that's $25.00 extra dollars you didn't have before right? You can try to figure it out until it is solved, or until next Wednesday!

Here's the rules:
1. You can enter words until your heart's content! How many words can you come up with?
2. No profanity...the letters create a word, but not a very good one, plus my blog is family friendly!
3. You can't post the same word/phrase as someone else...well technically you can but whoever posted the word/phrase first will be counted. The second, third, and so on, won't.
4. It HAS to be an ACTUAL word, like scrabble, it has to be in the dictionary. I will be using to look up words I don't know.
EVERYONE IS INVITED TO PLAY: Just happened on my blog by some freak searching accident...guess what, your invited! An old friend from West Jordan, high school, church, blogger world, or just a friend...come on over and play! Very competitive family member...stay away, just kidding, you have an official invitation also! So ANAGRAM it up!

The game can end early if the anagram is guessed. If not, then it rides out for the duration and then the person that has guessed the most words will win, or I'll throw it into one of those random drawing sites...since I don't get alot of comments (jerks) :)...(that was said sarcastically) have a good chance of getting my gift certificate (don't worry I have others :) Don't confuse this with MadGab the game, this isn't like that...Here's an example of what we are doing...
Let's say I pick CHEESEBURGER as the word that I want you guys to guess...then I have this nifty site I found where I can enter the word in and it mixes the letters up and gives me an Anagram, I pick one out of the many choices that doesn't seem too obvious, like BESEECHER RUG. Then you would look at that Anagram and try to figure out the word by finding other you can get out of that Anagram; see, grub, breech, here, beer, chub, sub, cheese, burger...then you realize that cheese and burger use all the letters...and then you win! YEA!

Well have fun!

I'm starting with a's 3 words, and that's the only hint you all will here it is:

a sledded wild ferny ow

Don't get frustrated, it's suppose to be fun, so if you can't think of a phrase that includes all letters, then just do a word...remember, if the phrase isn't guessed then the person with the most words wins.

Lots of Love, Shelle
p.s. If no one plays...then that's okay...I'll keep doing Word Filled Wednesdays for my own fun and entertainment, because that's what it's all about...making me happy!!!

Thank you for helping me scramble my word to create the anagram!

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