Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm so VAIN!!!

I'm admitting right now that I'm completely vain when it comes to pearly whites.

If there was a vain person anonymous I would sign myself up.

I'm here to see what you guys think.

My teeth are pretty okay.  I get my 6 month cleanings...I whiten them when I think they might be the color of Mother of Pearl...

But, by genetics, I have two spaces in my teeth.

Big ones.

Right by my Vampire teeth and the second one over from the Center teeth.  Don't know the official name and I'm not going to Google it.  Sorry...just deal, okay?  This is about me here.


I also have to say...all 4 of my Wisdom Teeth have grown in.

Since the last one grew in, I noticed that instead of moving those spaces closer together...they seem to be getting further apart.

Seriously, what IS that?

So my younger brother (27 yrs old) has had braces on for the last 18 months.  He just got them off.  I have TEETH envy.  They are so beautiful and straight and WHITE?  I am in LOVE with his teeth.


It's completely true...I would not lie about this.  And I can't help myself about the envy thing okay!

SOOOOO...I asked MountainSport Man in the car the other day.

Me: "Seriously...give me your opinion.  If you were me, and you had these spaces in YOUR teeth, would you get braces, knowing ME?"

MSM: "Is this a trick question?"

Me: Rolls my eyes, "No!  I REALLY want to know."

MSM: "Okay then...YES I would."

Me: "Really?  So does it disgust you when we kiss?  To feel that space in my teeth?"

MSM: " doesn't disgust me." Shakes head.

My sister-in-law happens to work for an Orthodontist.  

I went in for a consultation.

Guys...I think I'm going to get braces.

How freaking VAIN is that?

To be fair...the ORTHODONTIST told me that it would only get WORSE as time went on because...wait for this...

I have an OVER BITE!


Apparently that is the case.  And I'm ashamed.  I never even knew!

They did however compliment me on my teeth...saying they were pretty teeth...that we "just need to pull them together and fix that over bite".

Who feels like Elliott Yamin before his Dental surgery about now?  

Yea...I did.  ( I know, I know, they guy has an under bite...but just stick with me)

So now I'm debating if I want to pay the portion of braces that my dental insurance doesn't cover?  Cause the only way I'm going to afford it is to donate PLASMA for 18 months!

When I approached MSM about it...I made sure to mention that I would also be saving lives as I saved my teeth from future HORROR-ness. (It's only fair...he got to get his laser eye surgery, hmph like THAT is more important then TEETH!)

So if I don't smile in pictures for about 18 months and I looked drained, of plasma, just remember I already know I'm being VAIN for even thinking about it!!!


But really, honestly, would you do it? ( I don't want your opinion if it's not the same as mine!) Oh oops...did I forget to make that small?




April said...

I am TOTALLY vain about my teeth!!! Go for it!!! That's the first thing I look at when I see a person...maybe we should put off lunch until your teeth are perfect....hahahaha!! JUST KIDDING!!!!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

If it's something that bugs you, I say go for it.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

My sis got braces as an adult (she had them as a kid too) and I know she didn't mind as much. She only had them for about 6 months or something though.

If it bugs you I say do it. Nothing vain about it if you don't like smiling because of your teeth.

ukyankoz said...

I would say no, because then you actually WOULD be perfect, and then we couldn't be friends anymore because I'd be jealous and secretly sort of hate you. But if that doesn't bother you, go ahead!

(Totally kidding, of course. A bit.)

Mother Goose said...

100% yes!! your smile is the one thing that doesn't change with weight gain and one of the first things that people always recognize and compliment on!

I am all about white white teeth. I want my teeth so white they glow in the dark like the episode on FRIENDS!

I have straight teeth also. I would ask your doctor if invisalign is appropriate for you. I know it will help for the space which I never noticed but I could tell you had a SLIGHT over bite. I wonder if they would stretch the roof of your mouth a bit.

My son, had an under bite and he now has AMAZINGLY straight beautiful smile! I just blew up your picture of you and your sisters. I don't see a gap!!!

Your sister in the green has nice even teeth. When I went in for dental work- HERE is vain for ya,
I said I want all my teeth the same length! Guess what he filed some of my teeth down. So now my teeth are nice and even except for the front two.

Barbaloot said...

I'd do it if I were you. My mom got them in her 50s, and I've had sisters-in-law and brothers that got them in their 20s/30s---and you may not be able to smile like you want for a few months, but think how awesome your smile will be after! :) Plus, if the dentist says they'll only get worse, then be pre-emptive and don't let them!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Absolutely! Go for it! When my daughters were getting their braces for their completely jacked up teeth, their Ortho said he would put me in braces too to correct my overbite. I said "well, thankyouverymuch, but I don't have an overbite!" Fast forward 12 years. My picture was in the paper a couple of days ago when I was emceeing a fashion show. The smarty-pants photographer decided to shoot me from the side...OMG...just give me an apple and a tennis racquet! I wish I had listened back then. Now I guess I will have to deal with braces while my face lift, boob lift, and tummy tuck heal!
Have a good one~

The Wixom Zoo said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I got braces about 7 years ago because I had a ginormous gap between my two front teeth. (Seriously, Letterman and I could have had a match up and I would've won.) I had them on for about 18 months and then my pearly whites were straight and beautiful. Until my retainer broke and we were too poor to get another one. *sigh* Now the gap is back, but it's smaller and I've come to love it. It ads personality, I think. But I'd go back to the straight-no-gap teeth in a heart beat. So DO IT!

Becky said...

My teeth aren't so great, but I don't much care. My dentist asked me if I'd ever considered braces and I told him we were broke. Actually my exact words, after laughing at him, were, "Uh, no. We're broke. And my teeth don't bother me. I'm good to go." He was king of annoyed with me. Stinking dentist.

Now, having gone off on that little tangent, I would say that if it really bugs you, go for it. The money will be well spent if it makes you feel great to have those nice, straight pearly whites. Bummer 'bout the plasma, though. :)

T said...

you know now that I'm going to have to whiten my teeth before we do lunch...

they are wonderfully straight though...

Hey, if you want the braces and are willing to be drained of your vital fluids to pay for it... I say go for it, my kids all have under-bites so we spend a lot of time and money at the Ortho office!!!

T said...

unless of course this is just a fishing for compliments post - in which case you have a gorgeous smile!

Homer and Queen said...

Go for it! You only get more and more vain as time goes on. I got me some wrinkles that you wouldn't believe! I constantly have that mean mom look. I mean seriously! I always swore no plastic surgery, so if Wheelchair Boy can have 112 surgeries to save his life, can't I have 1 little surgery to save my face? Homer says NO! He is so rude!

devri said...

Teeth are the first thing people look at when they see you, I am vain like that.. I don't have perfect teeth, I won't get perfect teeth just because my kids come first, I hate that.. I have a small overbite too. what!?

Get it done if you want too, I would.

Aubrey said...

How funny.
I was just about to dial up my dentist when I started reading this. LOL I have SERIOUSLY been considering braces for myself. If someone as cool as you can do it, so can I!

The Blonde Duck said...

I would get them. I have an overbite and wore braces forever--you don't want to have bad teeth! Also, you could get Invis-align. My co-worker has them and loves them! And now my sister is going to get them.

Southern Sage said...

the first time I ever saw you pic I threw up a little in my mouth and though why in the hell does't that chick get her chewers fixed?
I mean she could pawn a kid or a year or two if she had to. Deliver pizzaa's at night, do other folks laundry, something to scratch up the funds to get em fixed up!

I actually don't recall ever noticing a girl, female, womans chewers good bad gapped of other wise.

Sher said...

Ha ha! I call those teeth my vampire teeth too. Because everyone in the my family seems to have them really bad.
For the record, I never noticed your gap. At least not from your pictures. And if you feel like you want to improve them, then I say go for it. I've whitened my teeth so much, I'm sure they're practically see through by now.
And by the way, your teeth look nothing like Elliott Yamin. His teeth are gross. I can't stand to watch him sing because it's so gross. If he ever makes any money singing the first thing he should do it get those suckers whitened, and maybe some veneers.

Sandi said...

You are SO going to do it. As you should. Because teeth are very important and I am like April, it is the first thing I notice about a person....and if me and April agree, then surely it is RIGHT!

Goldielocks said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my golden Annie. EVERYWHWERE we go we get stopped and stared at. honestly, i think i'm going to try and get her into some paid photo shooots.. why not.. extra college money for her!
As for your teeth. I had HORRIBLE over bite and buck teeth and my parents didnt fix it until i was a SENIOR in highschool HORRIBLE! i had to wear that thing that you use a key to widen every day and you get this gap in your front teeth you've never had before and start friggin drooling! oh ya.. they called me "dollar and a quarter girl" cause they said that's how many quarters i could fit in it. Teeth and mouth are everything! I have Big gums.. also an issue for me.. - seriously gums and bucky teeth, thanks for the genes mom and dad! the teeth are better, but i too want them whiter. We're talkin obviously fake white.. to m e that screams CLEAN! and i'm not only a germ a phob, but neat freak. Bleach is my BFF!
Now that the teeth were fixed, i decided i needed that aweful surgery where they cut your jaw bone and move it up so you dont have the whole GUMS look to you. The husband wasnt fond of that.. - so i've moved onto the fake boobs idea. ;)
I guess what i'm trying to say is.. IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER, GIRL... YOU DO IT!
I did the plasma thing.. brutal! I got a hematoma in my arm once but really.. i think its a good cause and you make bucks off of it.. ( have you SEEN some of the peeps in there?! SCARY LARRY!)

dadshouse said...

If it bothers you, do it! And if you don't, just remember - Lauren Hutton has a gap in her center teeth (different than yours, I know), and she's hot:

binks said...

I can honestly say that those gaps in your teeth were really bugging me and when we had dinner all the food that was caught up in those ginormous gaps was really distracting.

binks said...

You so crazy girlfriend, I never noticed any gaps.
But if it is annoying, go for it!
Ummmm can't your SIL get you the bargain basement family discount??

Quoizel said...

I hear you on the teeth thing. I hate we people get in the right light and it looks like moss is growing on there teeth.

Melinda said...

Just use the excuse that you're fixing a dental problem, not that you're vain! haha You could still smile in pictures, honestly people look cute with braces on! (I know I did, see I'm not vain either!) Okay, you've inspired me to start whitening, especially after watching you on your video--sheesh those are some pearly whites! :D

Susan said...

I am not kidding but I'm thinking about it this very instant - my kids are getting expansion retainers and our orthodontist here is absolutely amazing. I mean games rooms, rooms you can color on walls, coloring, giveaways, hell = I'm in.

And I'm being 100% serious. I'm going for a consult in a couple of weeks. And I know I'm way older than you. husband had them on when he was early 30's. He doesn't regret a thing.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

H ah ah ah How did I miss this post? So funny. Oh girl. We are so twins. I have an overbite too.

And I begged my mom for braces. I think braces are so sexy. Especially on such a cutie hot mama like you.

Your conversation with your hub cracked me up. Does it gross you out when we kiss? ha hahahahah

You're such a silly (vain) goose.

Kritta22 said...

LOL You are a nut!

I had to wear my braces for 2 years. Not a fan.

But if it bothers you, go for it.

It will hurt though.

I'm just saying.

Or you could wait until the Second Coming and we'll all be perfect...

but who wants to want????


Terresa said...

I wouldn't get braces, but, you're also talking to a person who's about to get a boob job (no typo here -- I've blogged all about it already).

So, my point is that if it *really* matters to you, like boobs do to me...then, yes, do it. But, on the whole, it sounds a bit vain. but who said a little vanity was all that bad? ;)

Anonymous said...

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