Thursday, April 16, 2009

SimpliStick and I've been nominated for Prom Queen...well sort of

Okay, you know how I'm living "THE Dream" while my husband goes to school?  Living in the basement of my parent's house.

Yea, I'm living the "dream"...and what stinks about living the dream is when I want to be all HOMEMAKER-ish and make my kids room, well, look like a kids room, decorate it and stuff, like a Good mom/wife/creative person would.  But I can't because it's not my home, so I have to squash that instinct...that for me...only comes around once every leap year.

Yea...not often.

But my poor kids for the last 3 years has been living in a room with 4 white walls...I might as well lock them up in a mental institution for all the inspiration that room brings about...

So then my sister-in-law KT shows me this new product she is in love with... which I'm always hesitant to jump on board with NEW things because I hate when someone is completely excited about something and I...well, just am NOT.

But I let her show me.

Seriously...I love it.  It's called SimpliStick...they have these creative artists that work for them and they print off these cool designs on this material that you can then place ANYWHERE.  I'm not kidding...brick, window, wall, mirror...and it literally looks like you have professionally painted something on your wall or wherever else you put it.

So then I was like...nice idea KT but my kids will just peel it off and ruin it you know what she did...she pulled the SimpliSitck thing off the wall...crumpled it up in her hand...then RE-applied the thing back on the wall...

it was MAGIC...not a crease on the thing...still looked brand spankin new and painted!  And you can take it off and re-apply to your hearts desire.

It's perfect for my situation...but I think it is perfect for ANYBODY's situation.  And although I LOVE my SIL...I wouldn't be telling you about this if I didn't love it...honestly, you should go check the site out. 

I'm not getting paid for this...but DANG...I sound like an OXY CLEAN add right now! :)  But honestly... seriously... remember love at first comment?  Yea, this is love at first click.

And if you DON'T go over there to check it out...I'll slowly but surely go into a deep depression...the likes of which NO ONE will be able to pull me out of...

But no pressure...seriously...

Okay...I'm a complete SCHMUCK...I have had some INCREDIBLE bloggers pass out awards to me.

And I've gotten some awards and was going to save them and put them on their own little award page...kind of like my own Scout Merit Badge page...but it would be a BLOG AWARD page.

But I got my new computer...didn't save my other awards...and now can't find them. And have no where to put my new ones.

But honestly, when someone gives me an award...I kinda feel like I have been nominated to be Prom Queen or something...I bask in the glory I do.  

I'm pretty sure they pulled my name out of a hat...because I honestly didn't think these bloggers even knew who I was...

I mean, I comment on their sites...but...

Well anyway...they can't take them back (can they?) and so to seem even COOLER...I'm going to tell you who gave them to you can think I'm like the SHIZ or something.

So thanks Always Home and Uncool...who's blog I adore, not just because he's male and writes REALLY well...but because he's one FREAKING cool Dad, and you know how I feel about Dad's and their kids.  He gave me THIS award.

And it says this about it.

And I'm pretty sure he drew my name out of a hat.

But I'm suppose to pick 8 bloggers...sorry, I'm going to pick just a few, doesn't it make it MORE special that way?  And the power goes to my head a little.

Write Stuff...just found her...but I was stuck at her blog for like a 1/2 hour reading old posts!  She has a way with writing and making me laugh as I read along...I love that.

Crash Test Diaries...she is my blog twin and she has the biggest heart EVA...AND if you haven't read her and chatted in her comment box...then you just aren't TRULY a real blogger.  Just saying. Plus she nominated me for Hottest Mommy Blogger after I threatened her life, so I kinda owe her.

John Deere Mom- for THIS post alone I'm nominating her...because of the way she reacted to the mouse AND she puts her kids in the tub nekkid to color Easter Eggs...HOLY GENIUS!!!  I want to be her friend! :)

Then American in Norway just gave me this award.

But I'm telling you the truth when I say I'm ecstatic she even KNEW to put my name in her HAT!!!  Thanks.

I'm suppose to pick 10 bloggers for this award.  But again...I'm making my own rules.  It's an Gratitude/Attitude award.

Raders out Loud-- She is someone that I wish I could emulate.  Honestly.  I just met her and quickly we have become email buddies.  Thanks for making me smile every time you comment!

Lilly-Roy's Progress--This blogger is worth reading because she, well, gives stuff GREAT stuff...and I know, cause I've won.  But not only that she is also personable.  That is what I like best about blogging.

Naulu Tribe-- She is funny and always has blogger material because of the size of her clan.  But THIS awesome.  Plus she doubted my loyalty to our friendship.  This fixes it right? :)

WoW...I wonder how many awards a girl has to get before she becomes PROM QUEEN???  Anybody know?  And if I have people have to vote for me?  Do I have to give a speech? Do I need to solve any World problems?  And most of I need to have over bite teeth?




T said...

I'm sold - I'm going to have to run over there, because I just want to be the cool person crumpling up my home decor and watching people's eyes pop out of their heads when I stick it back on the wall!

T said...

ManOfTheHouse is going to hate you... I LOVE that simpliStick stuff!

Anonymous said...

I need to see just what you can print on that?!
Maybe I could come up with a use for it!

You lost awards?
no way!

Cool @ the friends award
you seem like a friendly gal. Well I mean as friendly as a chickie can be what has fangs and such. You know the gapped chewers and all.

I suspect you'd make a good and giggly Prom Queen though! I'd vote for you!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH, I rushed over to be first even though my grades are due by noon today. I haven't even read this but I saw my name! YAY!

It looks like a lot of linky love which = linky work. I imagine you're taking a nap right about now!


LY! Promise to read now.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I have had to squash that urge for my whole married life because we are STILL renting. And I have you so beat because not only do my kids live with 4 white walls, they are cinderblock walls. INSTITUTIONS have got nothing on us.

Probably why I'm so crazy.

If you can keep a secret, I did paint some color onto our walls in our bedrooms without permission from big brother.

BTW, you are the loveliest prom queen at the ball.

wendy said...

Everyone wants to be a prom queen sometime. good job.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

THank you, thank you, THANK YOU (grinning now with my perfectly straight teeth!)
I love this award....and I love that you said I'm "personable" a rottweiler or somethin'.
Wait a minute! Isn't that what girls used to say about their ugly friends that they were trying to fix up on a blind date?
OMG!!! Get me OUT of this high school flashback!

Kritta22 said...

What would you wear to Prom??

Congrats on all your awards!

I missed you while I was in Fairbanks!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your awards!! you definitely deserve them!

American in Norway said...

even KNEW your blog? come on, I LOVE our log...
Teeth... I would let them have pretty teeth... maybe they are not perfect...but they have charecter...(thats what my parents always told me...probably so they didn't have to get me braces...)
you can only see the crroked parts if I smile REALLY REALLY big,which I shouldn't be doing anyway.,,,

The wall stuff...going to check out right now... my kids rooms are beige... & need serious help...

Mother Goose said...

I still think a can of paint and some multiple colors is cheaper. I mean seriously, when you move out of your parents basement. Pain the sucker white again.
step out of the box, shelle!
Tell your parents its only paint mom. A gallon of white paint is $7 and I'll throw in my labor for free. LOL

binks said...

I know I don't write so much anymore, but WOW, I thought we were better friends.

Congrats on your awards!!!
You know I ♥ you Shelle!

John Deere Mom said...

You are so cute! Love this post...and not just because you mentioned me. Well, mostly because of that. :) THANK YOU!!

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