Friday, April 3, 2009

Yes I want what I can't have...sue me!

I'm horrible at wanting what I can't have.

So this is one of those posts where you will either hate me or understand me. :)

When someone tells me I can't have something...or if I happen to lose something that before I didn't really care about...I want it. My mind is consumed with getting it back or getting it at all!

Sad right? I think that is how my husband got me...he knew this about me and gave me the impression that he wasn't interested...what the WHAT? 10 years know the end of that story! :)

I thought as I matured that I would get over this annoying little personality trait. But only gets worse.

Let me give you two most RECENT examples.


Absolutely my MOST favorite snack of the nut family. (Let's face it, I have many other favorite snacks)

Let me tell you a secret. I buy a bag of those babies, de-shelled (yes I'm lazy like that), at Costco probably every 8 days. NO LIE. There not cheap either...just saying...My daughter loves them also, so it isn't just ME eating them, or that's what I like to tell myself. My husband and son will eat them also, but it's not their FIRST choice.

So with the recent RECALL of Pistachio's...I'm going nuts. No pun intended. I CRAVE them now. It's weird. Before, when I could have them at my whim, I guess I didn't APPRECIATE my Pistachio freedom...

This is how horrible I am. When I was told about the Pistachio Salmonella poisoning I spent quite a bit of time researching exactly WHICH plant they came from and if they effected the ones I buy from Costco. Though the ones I buy from Costco are not from the same processing plant as the ones being recalled...Costco does have a trail mix that is effected but that's it...though they ADVISE to hold off on opening my BRAND spankin' new bag of de-shelled pistachio's until everything settles down.

I'm obsessed with thinking about them. I feel like I should be in a Psyche Ward or something.

My friend brought some shelled pistachio's to mine and her son's soccer game...and as I was warning her about the salmonella poisoning I ate a handful of hers...because they were already opened and she had eaten HALF the bag and hadn't been effected so we figured we were safe...


Don't JUDGE me!

Second example. My current read.

I'm in the middle of a book.

I've lost that book. I think it fell out of my purse on one of the many rare occasions I leave it unzipped.

It isn't really that good to be honest.

But now that I have lost it.

I can't think of anything else besides HOW THAT STUPID BOOK TURNS OUT!


What tops it all off. Not MY book...not the libraries book...but a good friends book. I have to go buy her a new one so I can finish the dang book and so that I don't look like someone who's not responsible.

Should I mention to her that I'm temporarily insane because I can't have my pistachio fix? Do you think she will understand? Have a good...pistachio freakin' free weekend!




ukyankoz said...

Let's just examine this logically...

Ok, so you need pistachios. I think it's cruel to go without basic human needs. So eat your shelled pistachios - what's the worst that could happen? You get salmonella. But seriously, how bad is that? You drop a dress size...or three, and your friend will feel so bad that you're sick that she'll buy herself another copy of the book and loan it to you again to help you feel better. Win-win situation. Have fun!

(P.S. I never remember to ask you - what's that hint you left on my blog about a possible visit?!)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said... are a GENIUS!!! I love how your brain works. "Drop a dress size or two!" Brilliant! And you're right...that particular friend WOULD feel bad for me...thanks so much :) hehehe

I work for an airline...we travel quite a bit, not as much as we would like over seas, but we still travel. Anyway...we might be meandering your was in's still in the planning stages right now!

Barbaloot said...

Shelle-you CAN'T come up to Utah Valley and hang out with me and all the other cool bloggers up here. Don't even THINK about it. You CAN'T!

Kristina P. said...

I had no idea they even recalled pistachios!!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I rekindled my love affair with pistachios about three weeks ago. I shed a tear when I had to toss 'em.

But it's great that you're so into a book you can't stop thinking about it.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Shelle, you're NUTS! But the good thing is,so am I :)
Sorry about the nuts, I like peanuts myself. But I feel your pain. I miss peanut butter m&m's which you can not buy here! Every other kind but peanut butter. Turns out, Germans don't really eat peanut butter.

I hope you find the book. I'm going to try to win Heidi's. I'm about to buy it for myself so I wanna win a copy for my mom to have during her chemo. It sounds like such a great book!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Barbaloot using my weaknesses against me are you??? got me...I really REALLY want to hang out now! :)

Kristina...that is what my blog is for...information! :)

Daddy Geek Boy--I see you haven't formed the attachment to pistachio's that I have! :) I could never TOSS them...I'm going to wait it out and then OPEN that bag and DIG in! lol!

That BOOK-if you are going to be all optimistic and thinking about the glass being half full then I guess you are's nice to have books out there I can't stop thinking about...but it really WASN'T that great of read to start with...bleh!

Blogging using the guilt trip about the BOOK that I am trying to win...coerce her in to giving me!!! :)

brooken'dus said...

haha! "pistachio freakin' free weekend!" looooove it! I had no idea about this obsession!!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

What about eating other things for now like pistachios ice cream unless they recalled that?((((Hugs))) Darcy

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Good Idea Darcy...but I've never had Pistachio ice you think I'll like it? Will it ruin my love of pistachio's?

Brooke..come over, we will dig in! :)

H.K. said...

I've heard that pistachios is brain food. So, because you have not been able to eat pistachios, it has caused your brain to lose things. At least that's what you should tell your friend! :0)

Heidi Ashworth said...

Ah, man, now all I can think about is eating pistachios whilst reading a good book! Nuts!

Kate said...

there is pistachio jello pudding, but to me, that just sounds gross.

and looks like a big bowl of boogers. (not that I would know)

That might help with the cravings. Or just make them worse. heh heh.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

H.K.--it's all making sense now! I totally believe that! :)

Heidi-Maybe while reading YOUR book! Can't wait to WIN it! :)

Kate--I can't BELIEVE you even suggested that! No can do! lol!

Susan said...

Where the hell have I been not to know that pistachios have been recalled???? Crap. You're killing me.

dadshouse said...

This is a nutty post (haha). I can't believe pistachios were recalled. I saw it in the news, just like you.

As for my favorite nut: almonds. Tamari roasted almonds from Whole Foods. Love 'em!

Anjeny said...

I feel like I've been stranded on an island..(oh wait I am on an island) not know about the recall.

I totally like ukyankoz's is really brilliant. You not only satisfy your nutty cravings but you also drop the dress size.

And stop trying to snatch up Heidi's book..that one has my name all over it...LOL.

PJ - Our life said...

I feel that way about the peanut butter Zone bars. They are my favorite and I can't eat them anymore because of the recall and I still search for them every week when I go grocery shopping - ho hum!

shannon said...

About losing your friend's book--I definitely say "blame it on the pistachio" withdrawal that you're having--

Isn't that like some kind of real life medical condition?--Next thing you know, you'll be spitting at people and throwing the "F" bomb around at random moments...

wendy said...

Salmonella signs take a long time to show my dear (just cause soccer mom friend was showing no signs) was not long enough. So if you find an increased desire for more pistachios --or sex- you probably have salmonella poisoning.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

OMG! As much as I hate to admit it, I completely UNDERSTAND!
I was trying to close the store tonight and a woman was taking FOREVER to leave, so I went to the jewelry counter to see what was taking so long. She was trying to decide if she should buy a necklace, bracelet and earrings that were on sale. I looked at them and HAD TO HAVE THEM!!! I actually talked her OUT of them so I could get them. I told her that she should just sleep on it and come back tomorrow if she still wanted them. THEN, as soon as I locked her OUT of the store, I BOUGHT them! I didn't even NEED them....I just had to have them because someone else wanted them!
Now, I want pistachios and I don't even LIKE them!
Goodnight Shelle~

Southern Sage said...

Who buys em already shelled??
Thats nuts tight there! Sheeesh.

They are my faves but in the shell only and shelled in your mouth so you get the full artery clogging benefit of the salt!

Dang woman you are missing out!

Dopp Family said...

hehe...Shelle, I think I always knew this about you, but now that you've spelled it out for me, it's all coming together! :)

I have to tell you though, I think we could eat all the Pistachios in St. G and not get an ounce of Salmonella smella! I know they tested positive, but, I'm a Conspiracy Theorist and I think it's Ridiculous that they have to upset all of our lives because one factory's tests came back slightly positive! What's the rule truth behind this all??? I also believe in the 10 second rule (which my husband is adamantly against)... I say if you can find them, eat them!

PS - Sorry about the book! You should tell me what it is and if I own a copy, I'll give you mine... late b-day present!

Dopp Family said...

PSS - I need to schedule some family photos with you!! Your photography blog rocks! Hello talented!

TentCamper said...

Talk about NUTS!!!!! We - HOT DADS - have just made you a Hot Mama!!!!!
Please go to our site, grab the Hot Mama image and throw it up on your sidebar (with a link to us of course)

Now go on and get to work you Hottie!!!!!

tiffany said...

Oooh, you go Hot Mama!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you!! ;o)
I seriously love pistachios, but I like the fun of taking the shell of myself, makes me feel like I'm eating way more than I really am, and I'm burning calories by de-shelling them myself, right??? lol

Jen said...

You rock.

binks said...

I had a very clever comment when I read this on my phone. However, the commenting on my phone is the worst eva! Especially when you are at the beach in some podunk town and have no service.
Plus, that was over a week ago, you expect me to remember it? Don't worry, when you get old, pistachio yearnings will be fleeting, cuz you can't remember anything.
Wait, ummm who is this again?

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