Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm still alive... barely

DCar--pictures I have been editing.

Don't ask me what's up with his 
Days of our Lives EYEBROW going on?
Well... I survived.

DCar did as good as his little 7 year old body could do... since he missed the dress rehearsal.  He was up North Friday attending his Aunts wedding... he was needed until Saturday morning and so missed his Dress Rehearsal for his Hip Hop performance.

It HAS been, what, 12 years since I have done a performance of ANY kind.

Wait, I take that back... I was a parent couple in the local Nut Cracker... but that doesn't count, because we didn't really have to dance as much as we had to play act (I roped MountainSport Man into that one).  Which I'm terrible at... BTW.  So it wasn't really that nerve racking.

So anyway... remember I edited photos until the WEE hours of every morning last week... Yea I'm still editing.

But had to take a break to attend the ceremony of my 
SIL wedding.  But then I caught the flight back home that night to continue editing and so I could wake up EARLY to attend my Dress Rehearsal.

Overall I'm okay with what I did, how I performed.

But honestly... I'm not gonna lie.

I was a nervous wreck.

The WHOLE time I envisioned me face planting it in the middle of the crowd and body surfing or something.

Or forgetting and running off the stage in total embarrassment.

Since neither of those TWO things happened... I'm okay with how it turned out. The picture there on your right is Me and Scott (Hip Hop Instructor)... yea... I'm SOOO white, no pun intended... but I have a hard time pulling off the proper Hip Hop "Attitude". sigh.

I'll put up a little of both Dcar's and My video later this week... not the full things because it would be WAY long... but just snips to fulfill my promise to ya'll to put them up! :)

But I'm warning you now.  My husband only video'd ME and the person next to me.  He didn't want to miss me and he didn't want to video, but he had to (because I told him he had to), so he compromised by zooming IN on me!!!  Let me just say... I probably should have asked someone else to video.  I'm just not one for close ups when it comes to that.  :)

Totally off subject but...

I have a question... why would someone try and pick ANYBODY up at an airport or on an airplane???  When are you EVER going to see them again?  What's the point?

It boggles the mind.                                                                  

And since people that come to read my blog are INCREDIBLY smart... maybe you can enlighten me! :)




Homer and Queen said...

OK, I think you look great! Can't wait to see the video and I PROMISE I will lie and tell you how great you were even if you weren't! LOL

April said...

I want the video! I want the video! umm...I'm pretty sure I see some attitude!

BTW...I had a friend who was hit on while flying St George to SLC...what the what???? Is it the same guy???

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I can't wait to see the video. I am a clueless dancer so I will live vicariously through you. My mom gave me years and years of ballet but that really doesn't translate over to modern dancing. You wanna see me in a tutu you let me know ;) (not)

For hitting on people - you'd be surprised how many are out there looking for a one night hook-up.

You have to come to NJ this summer btw so you can take my family's picture. I'd rather pay you and get a really good photo than some overpriced mall place for a crappy one!

American in Norway said...

You look adorable! Can't wait to see the video...'

About picking someone up on the plane? Maybe they were looking for a "girl in every port"?

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Wait ... you're taking hip hop classes? How did I miss that? I knew you were a dancer at one time, but didn't know you were still doing it. You must put up a video. MUST. Mormons can do hip hop? (just joking ... just a reminder about your post on preconceived notions about Mormons)

Annette Lyon said...

Now you can't avoid posting the video--we'll all insist on it!

Way cute picture of you.

Kristina P. said...

You look so gangsta!

And do you read A Yank in Oz?

Annike actually met her husband on a flight, and they got married shortly thereafter. So there!! ;)

Kate said...

I don't have a dancing bone in my body!!! can't wait to see the video and all of your skillz.... (that's hip hop for skills, right? just add a z?)

Pancake said...

I want to see the video!!!!

T said...

airport "pick-ups" seem to be more about the "hook-up" and less about the long term relationship...

so... is there a juicy story behind the question - we know you flew last week...

Anonymous said...

Well they hit on you because they kinda have your undivided attention! I mean you can't usually just get up and move. Ummm the never going to see you again, those folks that fly could just fly back whenever they wanted to see you again, right?

As for the picture you are looking all gangsta to me. I was some afraid when I first saw the pic. I was a-fearin you would bust out your 9 and pop a cap in my hind end! I coulda helped you with your costume cause at the local dollar general I see some ruffians and what you have to do is get your dungarees several sizes to big and have your drawers showing. Also get you a cap and don't bend or fold the bill any a-tall. Make it stick out there like a duck bill and have it tilted at about 2 o'clock. Evidently that looks hip hoppish. So with a little fixing of your wardrobe I coulda made you look tougher!
Just a note if you are going to do the dungarees/drawers thing you haveta be sweatin a wardrobe malfunction!

And since I never watch videos I dunno if I'll be checking that out but maybe if you're nice I'll check it out!

Barbaloot said...

Can't wait for the videos!! And I'm bummed you didn't make it to Heidi's thing...I totally wanted to meet you.

As far as planes gon-I'm too socially awkward to talk to the people around me, much less pick up on them (or be picked-up on). But when my brother and I flew home from Hawaii a few years ago we had separate seats. He sat next to a girl---and I found out later they TOTALLY made-out! How does that happen? How do you go from not knowing each other to making out in the space of a few hours? EW! I'm not sure if we're really related...

H.K. said...

You got that "fierce" look going on that Tyra Banks talks about in her her America's next top Model show.

You would be surprised how many long term relationships happen from meeting someone at the airport or the airplane. I think some people like the long distance relationship, not for me that's for sure.

(left you a blog award on my site)

Melinda said...

I think you look HOTT!! I seriously can't wait to see the video!! AWESOME!
I don't know about pick-ups on airplanes, I've always had my kids with me when I've flown, so usually everyone's just trying to get AWAY from me!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Queen--aaahhhh you are SUCH a good friend... just the kind I like surrounding me! Thanks! :) lol

April--probably was the same guy... I mean, he thought he was the SHIZ... I give him this... you could tell he worked out! :)

Andrea- I am completely surprised... from these comments and emails I have gotten... who knew! Barbs story is the BEST!!! and tell me WHEN with the pics... I'm THERE... that would be SO great!

American in Norway... maybe I was giving off the COME GET ME look? I mean... who knows? Maybe it was my fault... but then again, maybe you're right! :)

Bayou Belle-- i'm in the closet about Hip Hopping... so don't tell the other Mormons okay!!! :) Yea, I started doing it for exercise and got roped into performing... it was fun though.

Annette--I know I know... I'll do it as soon as I'm done editing... I TRY to keep my promises! :)

Kristina P.--I'm going to have to check that out now!

Kate-- I don't believe that... and skillz looks right... but I don't really know... I'm just a PRETEND hoodlum!

T-- that's what I think... so you know they are creepy!!! :)

Sage-- Good point about the undivided attention. they could always fly back... if they have what I have... flight benefits and stuff.

Yea... a wardrobe malfunction wouldn't have been good... but it seems that next time I do this sort of thing I'll get your sound advice first!!! No need for me to be nice... the video isn't worth it! :)

BARB--TOP COMMENT OF THE DAY... First of all... I'm totally bummed also, but now you see why I couldn't make it...

But... I can't believe your BROTHER made out with some random person on the plane!!! LOL!

H.K.--it's really weird that it works out... but then if it's suppose to happen it will!!! I guess it could be kinda fun, and my husband and I were long distance for a good 8 months! But it is hard! THanks for the award... I'm so excited!

I hear ya... I usually have my kids also... so it's always weird... and if this guy hadn't made it blatantly obvious what he was trying to do... I probably wouldn't have even thought twice about it. I'm use to talking with random people on a plane! :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Can't wait to see the footage.

Hope you're getting some sleep. Love the photos.

I admit I had to sit and stew over your question, thinking you meant pick up as in pick up, not PICK UP!

ha hahahahah

You silly goose!

Did someone try to pick you up on the way to the wedding?

Or did someone FORGET to pick you up? :)

Kritta22 said...


I haven't been hit on before on a plane. so i never knew that happened.

But at lteast they know you have one thing in common, where ever you are landing?!

Stodds Crew said...

Girl you look good!! Age aint got nothin on you!!

Stodds Crew said...

By the way, my nephew look great!! I'm excited to see the video!!!

binks said...

I can only think that it was your magnetic personality.
You know, your magnetic personality that seems to attract weirdos!
Are you sure he wasn't just looking for a ride home or a small loan?

The Wixom Zoo said...

Sounds like a busy week, but you're lookin' good!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Looking forward to the video.

And about your plane question...I have no idea.

Kenz said...

I want to see your performance! Did you video it? I want to see DCAR's too! That should be your next entry:) Sweet pics by BTW! Still love our pics! Think will use you in a couple months again!

Shannon said...

"Days of Our Lives eyebrow"... AWESOME.

dadshouse said...

I think it's very cool you were in the Nutcracker, even if you think that doesn't count.

Mother Goose said...

so you got hit on at the airport! that is because you are one hot mama! when will you see your true beauty??

you have to share your perfomance!! PLEASE!! what butter and sugar on top
::slides plate of cookies your way::

Candid Carrie said...

Remember the Friends episode where Joey said he learned how to do the one eyebrow thing from Drake Hogestrkewhatever from DOOL just by making it look like he just smelled some really really bad gas? Yup, that's your kid's look.

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