Tuesday, April 28, 2009

They went from E-BFF's to BFF's in Real Life!!!

Guess what guys... don't be jealous and DON'T play hate.


Guess who I got to meet and go to lunch with???

April, T.. and Nutty Hamster Chick (NHC) aka Pat...

I saw April right as I walked in and straight way gave her a hug.

We apparently both arrived last. Pat and T. were already sitting and had ordered BOTTOMLESS chips... YUM! :)

It was ENDLESS talking.  WE talked and talked and talked... laughed more.

Even though Pat beat me out of the WICKED ticket that April gave-away on her site... I still loved her... wanted to hate her :) (not really... but couldn't, she was to nice and to funny!

T. kept throwing food at me and dropping my fork on the ground :) hehe but she kept the conversation lively for sure!  April's smile is as gorgeous as it looks in picture... and Pat's laugh is addicting.

At one point, while we all were taking pictures with our camera's (because we are Professional Bloggers like that) Pat asked me to see one of the pictures I had taken... but I thought she was asking to see the big huge GAP in my teeth so I OPENED wide... and Pat was like, "eh... no can I see the picture" and I just busted up laughing cause I felt like a complete idiot!!!  April laughed at me... and then T. and Pat...  Leave it to me right?  

I'm up for that ANY time girls!!!

So the rest of you who's up for the next time, rule is you have to choose the place!!!



P.S.  Thank you April... thank you thank you... you know what for! :)


The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH! I'm first!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...


YOU ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL! Seriously beautiful. The most beautiful women in the world.

I want to be there with you, surrounded by your beauty.

Shelle, when do you go to New York? I will be in St. George on The 12th of July. If you're there, let's do OLIVE GARDEN! ;)

There's no Olive Garden in Hawaii.

American in Norway said...

Looks like you all had a blast! Wish I didn't live so far away... : (

The Blonde Duck said...

Looks like lots of fun!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

arrrrrggggggg....I play hate you!

Okay, I'll choose the place. Bama.

I had already seen the pics on T's blog and suggested it to her. I'm sure she is already making plans for the trip to Alabama, so you better get with her quick!

I'm glad you had a good time. Beautiful group of girls!

binks said...

You look like you had a great time!

Merrianne said...

lucky lucky lucky!!!!
one day SHelle... you and me baby. in person.
having fun.
getting into trouble!! :)

j/k about the trouble.... well... maybe :p

Southern Sage said...

four girl/female/women and there was talkin, talkin,talkin and gigglin? No way! You don't say! Say it ain't so Shelle! I think you made that part up!

Well it looks and sounds like y'all had a big ole time.

That sounds like a good day to me!

I still ain't buyin that talkin and gigglin stuff!

T said...

How many times do I have to rightly place the fork blame on the clutzy waitress?

and seriously - do I ALWAYS have to be the one making a face in a pic? and people asked why all of my pix left me out... that's why! (okay - and something about the 5 flashing camera...)

SO fun - so glad we did it - now if I run into you at Target I can say hi :)

Homer and Queen said...

Hey!!! How come I didn't get invited??!!! Pat's from Vegas and me too! Do you guys all hate me? I can be fun! Not so cute but hey..we ALL can't be you!!!

April said...

OMGadness!!! Can I tell you that I would miss taking my boy to the doc AGAIN for this! (post coming soon). I had soooo much fun laughing with you and at you! We WILL do this again!

BTW, I'm not sure how good you are at hip hop, but your BEST move was pointing out the gap in your teeth! I LOVE my new BFF's!!

Thank you Shelle!

RY & MAND WRIGHT said...


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Crash... I don't think I leave to NYC until the 15th or something... so let's FOR SURE do Olive Garden!!! :) YAY!

AMerican in Norway--Hey... I'll be out to Norway SOMETIME I'm sure! :) But I hear ya!

Lilly--when you wrote BAMA... I thought you were first referring to like O'BAMA... and was confused for like... .32 seconds... but I'm good now... Actually this summer sometime I'm suppose to be out to the midwest area... so not Alabama... but right there, closer than here, maybe I could make a stop closer to you!!!... :)

Merrianne-- Trouble will find us... it's bound to happen... or at least as much trouble as two married Mormon girls can get into!!! :)

Sage-- LOL--we didn't Giggle!!! Not one bit, but we LAUGHED a whole bunch!!! :) You're just jealous you couldn't come along!

T.--sure sure... it's was the waitress, I got your back girl ;)... not just Target, but we can got to lunch again, do pedicures, go to a movie and get away from husbands and kids... and run into each other at TARGET!

Queen... you're from VEGAS!!! Pat was on her way up North so she was able to come... seriously, anytime you are up this way let's do it again... OR whenever we are down YOUR WAY!!! Maybe we can plan a girls night in VEGAS! :)

April--HOW IS YOUR BOY??? lol! Or better yet, how is your HUBS??? No doubt we will do it again--the tooth thing was the best though, even though it was me making an idiot of myself!!!

MANDS-- we miss you guys SOOOO much... I am loving the pictures of my beautiful niece everyday! or every other day, sometimes Mom doesn't get them texted over!!! Love you!!!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Seriously it was so funny. T you are right it was the waitress. April how is your son and hub?

Meeting blog friends is even better than you think it might be because you know so much about each other. There are no akward pauses, just fun fun fun.

Can't wait to do it again girls.

brooken'dus said...

Wow your hair looks fabulous!! Hummmm.....I wonder who would have put such a beautiful color on you?!?!
No really I think it looks great, it's really pretty on you! Looks like you had funnnnn!!!

H.K. said...

I've read several blogs over the last few days where they got to meet their E-BFF's and they all had a great time!

Sounds like a great time!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

So awesome!! Wish I could have been there.

I must say, you have the most amazing blue eyes! Lucky girl!

Kritta22 said...


Pat looks totally different than I expected!! She is way too cute!!

We don't have Olive Garden in Alaska either....LAME!

Melinda said...

So THATS what T. looks like! Fabulous! Looks like so much fun!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

How fun! I love meeting and hanging out with blogging friends.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm still sad that you guys didn't make it to MY party--but I realize you all live kinda far away . ..

Mother Goose said...

so jealous!! i wanna meet you too! but seriously you are beautiful!!! I would be intimidated until I saw you open your mouth wide! LOL
you are sooo funny!! I have a gaping gapper too. I can almost put my fist in my mouth. However, my foot fits quite comfortably at times too! LOL

This Mom said...

Looks like a fun Girl's night. Color me jealous.

wendy said...

NOT FAIR!!! You got to see my sister April and I haven't been able to yet. She was supposed to be at Heidi's get together last Saturday but was unable to come. NOT FAIR!!!!! What a beautiful group of girls you all are----stunning........April got all the looks in our family (it's a long story)

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