Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lil' Sis

My best friends are my sisters. I love them...even when we fight, which is hardly ever. They also suck...because they both never had AWKWARD stages growing never. They both were cute from the time they were born. See I have TONS of horrible, embarrassing, ugly growing up stage pictures...they just don't. They suck. But I love them. Ya get it?

We are almost NEVER like this. We are always laughing when we are together. They allow me to take center stage, of course, because making people laugh at me is one of my greatest least that is what my therapist tells me to tell myself. :)

Yea more like this...Sorry, Dance Masta for squishing your face on this shot...I just LOVE ya so much! :)

Here's the rest of my sisters...the two are my blood...the other two are IL's...but I love them to. 

The only request I had of my brothers was to marry someone who wasn't cuter or prettier than I am...they both failed. Not only are they pretty on the outside...but they also have freakin' great personalities.  They suck also...but I love them still with me?

Well today isn't really about is about my Lil' Sis.  My soon to be little mommy sis.  Who just had a birthday.  And because I didn't have my back up picture CD to show you other pics of her...I had to use what I had in my Picasa Web Album...hence, the three pics above.

Lil' one of the GREATEST Aunts around. My kids adore her. She is one of those Aunts that takes them swimming and buys stuff for them...and they just think she is the shiz. She is going to be a GREAT mom! No, an INCREDIBLE MOM :)

One of the things I love most about her... is she lets me take pics of her to practice my photography. I envy her green eyes and super nova eye I'm always focusing on her eyes!!!

Oh and I LOVE her profile...I'm always saying..."Hey turn your face to the Left..." and then I'll snap her picture...She just has that cute pert nose...I envy that also...sigh.

We hang out...and she doesn't care to be dumb and just do whatever... she is always up for anything.

We talk for hours about whatever...and I honestly don't know what I would do without her being a big part of my life. She is a big example to me with just being who she is. She is honest to a fault and has one of the biggest hearts I know of.

So Lil Sis...I love you. Happy Freaking Birthday!

Now go join others in Friday Foto Finish Fiesta!

And Please eat all your BOILED eggs that you color and don't hide them SO well they won't be found...they leave a terrible smell after a couple of days...I'm just saying...learn from other people's mistakes!





Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Aww, how sweet. Happy Birthday Shelle's Baby Sister!

You guys look so much alike, it's kinda scary but in a good way.

Susan said...

There is nothing like having a sister. And more than one?? You're so lucky!! Have a great Easter!

Kristina P. said...

You are all beautiful!

Happy birthday to your sis!

This Mom said...

I have one little sis I love her to death even if there are day she still makes me crazy. We are like black and white. I never understood how two such difference people came from the same two people. then I had kids.

Happy day and best wishes to your little sis.

Susie said...

Gorgeous!! Everyone of you:-)

Barbaloot said...

I really love that last picture---nice work!

You almost made me jealous that I have no sisters. But then I remembered I never had to share a room or bathroom or clothes...

~~tonya~~ said...

Great pictures. You and your sisters are very pretty!!


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! That was so sweet and of course made me cry. I am so grateful to have such great sisters! I love you so much!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to your sister!!!

What a great relationship you all have, it shines through in those photos.

Great pics, btw... that one of the eye is really good..

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OHHHH! Thanks so much for falling into my trap guys...I was fishing for those!

Keep up the good work!!! lol!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I was fishing for the fingers need to type as fast as my brain! GAH!

Mother Goose said...

sucha fun family. I love that you have sisters! I have one sister but our relationship is really different.

T said...

fishing or not, great pix! and I love that she wears the black nail polish - way to be!!!

Happy birthday to her!

Kritta22 said...

Oh happy birthday sis!!

Did you ever get on Ellen??

I was just remembering.

Sher said...

Happy Bday to your sis.
p.s. Don't tell anyone I told you this (hee hee), but I think you are most definitely the prettiest of all your sisters!
Just sayin....

wendy said...

Neat photos ---shhhh, can I tell you I think you are the cutest of them all. and I'm not just telling you that to become your most favorite blogger -- no , I am not that kind of person (well, maybe a little)

Shannon said...

Sweet post! Aren't sisters great?! Hope she had a happy birthday :)

Annie Valentine said...

I am equally nuts about my own sisters, I so get this post.

Barb said...

Sisters are the best! Hi Shelle! Happy Easter!

Binks "big sis",Barb :-)

lailani said...

Beautiful Family! And it looks like a fun family!

binks said...

That was really sweet, Shelle. Funny AND sweet, how the heck can I compete with that? Huh?

Hey look - I was on vacay & sent my sister by to visit because I knew you were missing me. LOL
(I didn't really send her, she came all by herself!!!)
See you ARE awesome, Barbs doesn't read blogs, not even mine! AND she left you a comment! I am impressed!

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