Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dry Climate and Hot Steaming Showers

You know what I REALLY hate about winter/spring but still winter?

Not the cold weather...no...not that.

Who minds all the big comfy clothes all the time?  NOT ME!

I hate my HAIR during the winter.


Ya want to know why?

Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

I live in a DRY climate and I love HOT showers.  Not cool, not warm, but STEAMING HOT SHOWERS.

Not a very good mix for hair.  Leaves it limp and dry and it tends to fly away.

I could solve this problem by washing and rinsing my hair in COOL water.

I just can't bring myself to do it.

So I wash my hair...blow dry it...and not 15 minutes later it is flying up and static-key like I rubbed a balloon on it for CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

That goes for skin also.  My skin is dry by nature...add Steaming HOT water and DRY climate, and if I don't apply lotion my skin cracks...sucks.

But on the softer side of tears...I released my angst yesterday by closing the door to my room, turning up Lady Gaga...JUST DANCE...and lip syncing like I was a rock star...I haven't done that in YEARS, I forgot how good it feels!

Just saying...

You should try it! :)  Anybody else want to have a vent session with me...it's always better with company! :)  

If you have perfect hair and live in perfect climate, I BLOK you from this blog...meaning I'll be nice to your face, but talk behind your back...


I can't tell the TRUTH when I vent?

Fine...I love everyone equally...even if they have long-beautiful-non-dry-locks and great legs, butt, thighs, abs, and chest!




Susan said...

Yes, certain climates should be designated "BAD HAIR" zones. Oh well... you always seem to look pretty damn cute. Screw the cool rinse.

Katie L said...

Oh my goodness, don't even get me started on what this climate has done to my hair!! Of course, I grew up where it was tropical, and when I blew dry my hair it was instant body and shine! WELL, I get here and its limp and lifeless and even all the ratting in the world (YES, I KNOW...you hate it) wont give it life!!! I curse it everyday! On a good note, I soo take scalding hot showers too, so I don't think youre crazy!

Kristina P. said...

Perfect hair. Bwwwaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Barbaloot said...

Perfect hair doesn't exist in my world. I'm just happy if I wash it more than twice a week.

But I will have to avoid the lip syncing to Lady Gaga since I feel just saying her name drops my IQ about 50 points.

T said...

Barb can afford a 50 point drop in IQ and still spell "lip syncing" ? amazing!!!

I'm living with my icky limp and static ridden hair right now because if it fails to steam up every window in the whole house, the shower isn't hot enough. There is a static solution if I'm willing to put liquid silicone in my hair every day... but I've just been wearing a lot of baseball hats.

Anjeny said...

Hmmmmm, I would've never guessed that you, being as HOT as you are could have bad hair...and I'm not buttering you up at all.

Maybe you should forgo the blow dryer altogether since I know you can't give up the scalding hot shower.

I give up trying to make my hair look anywhere near decent, when I let it grow out, it makes me look old and tired, but then when I cut it really short, it started sticking up in all the wrong places making me look ridiculous.

I will totally join you on the lip syncing.....I need to vent off some frustrations I have that I can't seem to figure out the cause of.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

Man...I love steaming hot showers too! And I stay in there until there is NO more hot water! Everybody else just has to wait an hour before they can take their shower....heeheehee.

But, with my PERFECT hair, PERFECT body, oh and perfect nails, living in a perfect climate in my perfect house........
What? I can't lie when I vent?
"just sayin' "
Have a wonderful day Shelle. Sucks about the book, huh? I'm ordering it, 'cause you know me, I HAVE to have it now. Dang Sabrina!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Well I can come to your vent because I don't have perfect hair. I have the exact opposite problem. But I've had your problem too, (since I grew up in Utah) only worse because I don't have silky straight Japanese hair in the first place, LIKE YOU, so THERE!

And stop your whining right now before I poke you in the eye.

Now let's dance!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Love the dog pic!

H.K. said...

That is why I keep my hair curly! Every time I get it straightened, the weather starts to go funky on me and so does my hair. I've accepted my fate of forever having curly hair.

Brooks said...

call me crazy, but my MIL gets pissed at me if I dont carry fabric softner sheets in my purse and inthe glove box for my girls hair in the winter. If we all held hands and stood near an outlet we would catch fire! Seriuosly if you rub a fabric softner sheet down your hair, it will lay flat again! I swear by it and it makes your purse/car smell FRESH!

Aubrey said...

Done it. With Poker Face. I can't get that song out of my head and sing it every chance I get!!

My hair sucks. I just got it cut too but with the weather, blow dryer and flat iron, it is a lost cause.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I think your hair always looks great. What I want to know is the secret to your skin. Your complexion, hello! Beautiful!

Spill it!

April said...

I yearn for perfect hair.....alas, mine is limp, thin and stringy. Not a great combo.

You hide your hair problems well! You're adorable!!!

dadshouse said...

I'm a guy with short hair, so I can't relate. But I do love a hot shower!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I feel your pain. It is the same way in Vegas. And I love hot showers. I hate the cold. But again self defeating because the heat sucks the moisture out of your skin. I suppose there could be worse things, but none come to mind right now.

Kate said...

When I lived out there, My hair was awesome. I love going to visit the inlaws in provo for that reason too - great dry hair weather.

Pennsylvania, or the land of much humidity - is CRAP for hair.

wendy said...

well, then you must LOVE me as I have NONE of those --I am with you, dry skin, fly away hair. flabby thighs, ---shall I go on.

Always Home and Uncool said...

Least your hair isn't falling out or thinning, S. Count your blssings.

Ashley said...

Awesome, I love that song too! And I LOVE turning up the music and just singing along, it's the best. :) I can relate with you on the dry hair thing. Drives me nuts too!

Mother Goose said...

hey, i like how you BLOK those perfect hair people! LOL, that's how I roll too.

Sher said...

This post really makes me want to hang out with you. No, not in a hot steamy shower! Ew! I'm no blesbian! I would just love to jam out with you in this god-forsaken weather, while my hair frizzes out to maximum height.

binks said...

I so love hot showers, but they just makes me hotter than the latest hot flash.

It is weird, I can't make my hair look good in the SoFla heat and humidity, but it was a dream in Vegas. (ok, not really a dream, but it looks WAAAAY better there).

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