Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm going to be STUCK watching a lot of baseball...

I've told you already how much of a SIDELINE mom I am.

Because what are kids for if you can't live vicariously through them?

I mean really?

I must say though...I could be a lot worse.

I asked DCAR if he could hear me screaming at helping him from the sidelines as he's playing.

He said, "Mom...I'm playing soccer...not listening!"

aaaahhhh...that explains a lot.

He listens to his coach, at least when he's not "playing"--his coach was pretty sweet actually--he was way good with the kids-yet he looks like after the game he is going to get on his Motorcycle and go muff's someone's face up (Don't let the plaid shorts and sneakers fool ya)... but nah, the guys a teddy bear.

K--we are just about to start the game.

DCar gets the ball...good, good

We are working on kicking closer to the grass :)

But he's flexible...which equals potential right?

And then this... the ball is still in PLAY mind you. And this is where my boy sits... waiting for the ball to come back UP to him?
*shakes head*

I think this game ended well. But the game before that one, we lost by quite a bit...and you know what the kids cared about? Whether or not they got treats?

Where's the PASSION??? The competitiveness?

If I don't pound the LOVE of Soccer in him now then I'm going to be stuck watching a lot of baseball... and let's be honest, WHO in their RIGHT mind likes to watch little league baseball???




The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH, I'm FIRST? I get to freak all your commenters out? Wahoo!

So funny.

I was just here to read about how much prettier your husband is and this popped up.

Your son is prettyier too!

And that says a lot because you're pretty darn pretty.

Wouldn't it be cool if I was on a plane and your the stewardess. Do they call you guys stewardesses anymore? It was my life dream to be a strewardess one day. All the way up until I got married. No joke.

Do you think you'd recognize me?

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I can't say we've hit LL yet or soccer as in games anyway. I'm finding cub scouts is annoying enough (I'm so not a sports-competitive person). Hey as long as he's having fun though right?

BTW -Lady Gaga, I'm so addicted. Chick also is loving the Dirty Rich song. I shouldn't listen to it in front of her but its so funny to watch her dance, hehe.

Susan said...

Shelle - I'm DYING reading this. My step-son is an athlete like no other, yet my daughter attempts it all as long as she's the furthest away from any contact or ball or piece of equipment WHAT SO EVER. Soccer games show a cluster of 21 on the field, and then a little lone speck of a person WAY far away, and yep, that's my girl.

UGH. And all I do is high five and make sure she had fun.

What else can a mom do?

Pancake said...

It is always fun watching the kids play! ENJOY!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I agree nothing is as bad as baseball. The games are WAAAYYY to LONGGG. If I had a nickel for every hour I spent at a baseball field. I totally did the happy dance when both my boys decided baseball was not for them. Whoo hoo.

And don't you know sports at this age is all about the snack. This is another invention invented to drive us mothers over the edge. Snack day is pretty much akin to having a root canal. And my kids and I will need years of therapy to get over the times I forgot it was my turn for snack. Such a pain.

Well it is good you are young and enthusiastic still, unlike me who has had the will to live sucked out of me by 15 years of sports.

My poor daugher, I don't think there is much hope for her. I am going to stunt her growth in the talent department because I don't want to do sports anymore.

Shannon said...

Is Klayton going to allow this? I pretty much know Parker will play soccer just til football starts, it's a fact I have learned to live with. I assume Cade will do the same. I've already told Brynn(not even 18 months) that she is my only hope for soccer and she must be my soccer star so I can live out my years again through her!!

Anonymous said...

Why are those lil whooper-snappers kicking that ball? What in the world is the point of that? Why did all those folks cut off their dungarees?
Thats a funny looking game they are playing, we must not have that one down here. Why did they use that good crop land for ball kicking?
Hmmm maybe I could learn about it and bring it to the attention of the folks here. I might could even make a lil extra dough and set up a stand by the pasture where I cut off folks dungarees, for a nominal fee of course!
I bet these young'ns around here would be good at that game, all of those kids in the pictures have on some kinda boat shoes, if they are good at it we would be excellent! Think of it, we have on boots! Man our kids would beat the dickens out of those kids! We'd be kickin them with boots and those poor kids just have those moccasins on! Maybe you could take up donations and get those lil fellas some proper foot wear.
How do they keep the sun from scalding their legs? Looks to me like with those cut offs on they'd get blistered every time they played.
Odd looking game Shelle sometimes y'all left side northern folks corn-fuse me with y'alls doins.

Barbaloot said...

I KNEW there was a reason I loved you so much! Cuz you HATE baseball. Cuz, why wouldn't you? It's the worst sport in the history of awful sports. And soccer? Well duh, it's the best.

Anonymous said...

Shelle... great pictures.. .as always. i am still waiting for a hand-me-down camera sistah.

Youngblood4ever said...

Oh, come on. Baseball is not that bad. I love the picture of DCAR just waiting for the ball. Last soccer season that is what I got a lot of pictures of. First child and the Son waiting... Good times!

Kristina P. said...

I love watching kid's soccer games.

I was in a soccer league at about his age, and our team lost every single game. In fact, I was the only person to score a goal, the entire season, at the very last game!

T said...

I was a soccer playin' kid - so I TRIED to get my kids to love the game...

Unfortunately the kids don't always go with their mom's suggestions and I'm currently suffering from a severe case of bleacher-butt...

BUT the food at the baseball fields is always better than soccer field fare! (it has to be... we're there for hours)

Mother Goose said...

I love it! our entire family is super competitive. We want to win but more importantly to play our best and give it our all. I don't care if a kid isn't good at the sport, but at least try.
At that age, when the ball is up the field there really is nothing much to do but wait. It looks like he was playing defense.
sports is our life and I am the obnoxious mother yelling, cheering and saying, GET UP! quit picking the flowers and play! Yep, that's me. I haven't been band yet from attending sporting events. and if I do. I will just then be a coach. LOL

The Blonde Duck said...

When it comes to sports, I'm anti-competitive. I would be on the bleachers reading a book with two chihuahuas.

You would probably kill me!

Kritta22 said...

At least he not in have to follow them around the course and not make ANY noise....

it could be worse.

I want you as my flight attendant too!

I won a little bottle of alcohol on my last trip! hahaha

brooken'dus said...

I can't believe how grown up he looks in those pics!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said... don't freak people out...that's just me...and BROOKE, cause she looks sneaky in her picture...which can be pretty freaky! :)

AAAHhh Mr. Sage...I got about half of what you were saying...the other half you might have to RedNeck interpret for me! :) And like I told you, soccer cleats and kick boots butts because we have shin guards to back them up!!! You really should introduce the bumpkins to soccer... its the only sport alive where it's expected for you to throw your shirt off and spin it around your head after you score a goal!!! :)

And for the record everyone...I'm NOT a flight attendant...I wish I was but the whole kid thing throws that for a loop...I work at HeadQuarters..not nearly as exciting!

But YES crash...I would recognize you anywhere!!!

Homer and Queen said...

OK, 1., I'm annoyed that Crash has been 1st comment on that last couple of blogs I've been to!
2., I vote MAKE him love soccer! Little league is boring and the parents are mean to their kids (not all of them are).
3. You make me laugh...thanks...

wendy said...

Watchin little league baseball is fun IF THE NACHOS ARE GOOD!! One time watching my grandson play soccer - he scored for the other team. He was excited --hey at least he scored.
I spent ALOT of time in ALL the sports with 4 boys. and a cheerleader daughter. I miss it

Anonymous said...

How could y'all ot cypher my comment, I wrote it in the queens English!

Such The Spot said...

Yes let's be honest.

Nobody does. You're right on the money my friend.

I'm hoping you're spared that. :)

Heidi Ashworth said...

Probably everyone has said this but that's how the little kids roll when it comes to soccer. Generally. It's pretty hilarious.

shannon said...

What is the deal with kids and their snacks?--I swear that's the only motivation my kids look for!--Where did I go wrong!

Baseball is the worst spectator sport! :( My son is playing this season!--(I'm totally in mourning)

binks said...

Don't worry Miss Shelle, they're still little. I predict in 2 seasons DCar will be cranking out goals. But, the snacks will be super important too.
Can you believe that once, someone brought full size Gatorade and full size chips for EVERY kid on the team? My lame juice bags and Twinkies were hardly remarkable after THAT! (Doesn't "juice bags" always remind you of Ree's poor lisping kid?)

I think the person who invented "snack mom" is the same person that invented goodie bags at birthday parties.
That one should be hunted down and drenched with gross garbage juice.
Oh wait, I'm done with all that stuff.
Never mind.....

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